At 43, Kgosi Gasebalwe Seretse is an eligible bachelor

At 43, Kgosi Gasebalwe Seretse of Pilikwe is a man under pressure to bring his tribe a Mohumagadi (queen). Author, former journalist and pastor at Kings Highway Church in Pilikwe, Seretse is a very intelligent traditional leader who also boasts good looks. He tells The Midweek Sun that he is very much single and believes that at the right time, he will marry. His take is that one must be prepared both emotionally, spiritually, financially, mentally and physically. However, he says that it is wrong for one to marry because others are doing it. He’s observed that people nowadays divorce because of finances. “As a man, you must be prepared to provide for your family and not just that but to lead them as the high priest,” he says.

12th February 2018


5th February 2018

The question of whether dangerous crime suspects should be given bail is a burning issue currently. This has been fuelled even more this week after the Botswana Police announced on Monday that they were on the hunt for a 19-year old Keodiretse Tlhofaetsi of Ledumadumane. Through the assistance of the community, he was eventually arrested yesterday on Tuesday. He is alleged to have murdered a 21-year old woman of Mogobane this past weekend in Ledumadumane, and he is also suspected to have assaulted and inflicted serious wounds to a 26 -year old man the same day.

New opposition alliance on the cards – Nkaigwa

5th February 2018

Member of Parliament for Gaborone North Haskins Nkaigwa, who recently defected from the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) to the Alliance for Progressives (AP) has explained that his decision to dump the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) by extension, was a direction from God. He said it is meant for him to benefit from an opposition coalition cleansed by God which is to evolve before the 2019 general election. Nkaigwa, like South East District Council chairperson Phenyo Segokgo, did not join any political party within the UDC coalition when their colleagues led by Ndaba Gaolathe formed the AP. Segokgo remains undecided.

A three-horse race for Mogoditshane in 2019

5th February 2018

The 2019 general elections will come with headaches for Mogoditshane residents as they will be compelled to make a choice between their homeboy Sedirwa Kgoroba of the Alliance for Progressives (AP) and the new kid of the moment Tshepang Mabaila. Mabaila caused an upset when he defeated political veterans Patrick Masimolole and Kgang Kgang during the just-ended Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) primaries.

MPs warn Masisi against military spending

5th February 2018

Francistown West MP Ignatius Moswaane of Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) and Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) President Duma Boko has warned the incoming President Mokgweetsi Masisi against overspending in military equipment. Moswaane told this publication that Botswana needs to invest in the education system which has deteriorated over the past years, instead of pumping millions in buying of military toys. He cited the recent purchase of the P18bn worth Swedish Gripens and the P326 million which is the subject of an ongoing money laundering case before the court of law.

Night patrol with Mochudi Police

5th February 2018

It was a breezy nightshift (8pm-4am), as we jumped into an open van and joined a group of seven police officers tasked with patrolling the Bakgatla village and its neighbouring settlements. Actually, there were two groups of seven in two different vans. Last week, two brutal murder cases were recorded in Mochudi, one involving a 16-year old boy who was found dead on a road in the village. His family says he was on his way to church for an all-night prayer. The other was a 25-year old man who jumped in front of a moving passenger train after killing his 27-year old girlfriend. But again, The Midweek Sun learned that four bodies of people stabbed with knives were kept at one of the mortuaries in Mochudi on that Saturday of January 20.

Next parliament to discuss BMC woes - Khama

5th February 2018

President Ian Khama has promised to get the next session of Parliament to address the woes besieging the Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) before he hands over the baton to Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi in April this year. Although speaking to a fully-packed Francistown stadium, Khama asked that his promise be kept a secret since, his cabinet is not aware of the impending BMC deliberations in parliament next month.

‘School from hell’

5th February 2018

Upon arrival in Molepolole, one is greeted by the fancy looking Blue Bows English Medium School. The outward façade gives the impression that this is an international school of repute, but for the employees, Blue Bows School is a walking nightmare. Undoubtedly, it is this perfect view that captures the attention of many when passing by the tarred road. The school has neatly-cut trees and well-painted tall buildings, no litter can be spotted around the school and the well-swept pavement going all the way to classrooms compliments the serene environment.

President Masire’s grandson, Eno, speaks politics, patriotism and relationship with Ndaba Gaolathe

5th February 2018

When he took to the podium and spoke at the funeral of his grandfather, former president Sir Ketumile Masire, Eno Mwaba undoubtedly caused most people to sit up and listen. Poised and articulate in the Queen’s language, he belied confidence and proved to be quite the storyteller; he held the spellbound attentive audience captive as he regaled them with anecdotes about his relationship with Masire. A few hours later, he was “trending” on social media. Here was this cute young guy who is #bae goals – confident, handsome, well-read, well-travelled and educated.

Women emotionally abused in relationships

5th February 2018

Kaone Mmereki* was in her late twenties when she met her husband at a music festival. He had all the makings of an ideal 21st century man to fall for: kind, intelligent, wealthy and caring. She fell in love with him quickly and felt he was the one for her when she saw how much he loved her two daughters from a previous relationship. In an interview with The Midweek Sun, Mmereki stated how she overlooked some red flags before their wedding seven years ago. “He abused alcohol and took offense when I complained.

Journalists grilled on emerging HIV prevention methods

2nd February 2018

Centre for Youth of Hope (CEYOHO) in partnership with AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition(AVAC) hosted a workshop to empower journalist in understanding new biomedical HIV prevention methods like Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and male circumcision. The session, held at Woodlane Hotel on this Friday morning, discussed HIV prevention options and their effectiveness, the role of journalism in shaping HIV policy and practices as well as the importance of research and how it fits in the HIV response amongst others.
Speaking during the workshop, CEYOHO Advocacy Fellow, Kennedy Mupeli acknowledged the quintessential role played by the media in informing the public about HIV/AIDS. "As the voice of the voiceless, you bring to the attention of policy makers issues affecting the nation and contribute in the formulation of solutions – this collaboration is important in the fight against HIV/AIDS,” he said.
CEYOHO) is a non-governmental that targets young people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS in Botswana. It provides care and support and educates youth on how to strengthen their ability to live positively with HIV/AIDS. 

Raising an Autistic child: the story of Tebogo

19th January 2018

When he was two years old, Tebogo Mosarwe knew her son was different from other children his age. Unlike other children, he was hyper active and did not make an effort to utter words or show signs that he understood anything communicated to him. This worried the mother. She began looking for specialised treatment to understand her son’s condition. “As he grew up, the challenges became more elaborate,” the mother of three says. She could not maintain house helps as they left one after the other. Her social life also took a nosedive. She started to stay away from friends. Not because she wanted to, but because her son was hyper active. And most people would not be comfortable with that. “We took him to a kinder garden and there were always complaints. The teachers could not handle him,” she said. Due to the challenges and the added responsibilities, Mosarwe resigned from her job.

Smoking a little is just as bad – Dr. Tapela

19th January 2018

The idea that occasional smoking does not do any harm is a dangerous myth, District Officer at Humana People to People Botswana (HPPB), Sam Rantsho has said, following the launch of a new project on the dangers of smoking in Botswana that the organisation is undertaking.

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