Ndaba’s BMD desperate for excuse to break free

Botswana Movement for Democracy’s (BMD) National Executive Committee (NEC) led by Ndaba Gaolathe wants the impasse at the orange movement to be resolved next week Thursday. Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) yesterday (Tuesday) started the process of trying to resolve the BMD matter by calling the two factions to appear before it. Yesterday Gaolathe-led group was scheduled to appear before the UDC NEC while today Advocate Sidney Pilane-led NEC will be appearing. UDC President has expressed hope that they will find a lasting solution for the BMD. Gaolathe-led NEC Secretary General Dr Phenyo Butale said they have shared with the UDC that the matter should be resolved by the 31st of August 2017 to curb the growing uncertainty and anxiety among the multitudes of BMD supporters. Dr Butale said the risk of losing their supporters is a real concern and danger to the opposition’s prospects of winning power in 2019. He said they are concerned about the unpalatable tone of the letter that was prepared by Gilbert Mangole, the Secretary General for Pilane-led NEC. “We have since extended our apologies to the UDC for the language and condescending tone of the letter. It is not representative of our beloved movement nor is it in line with our values of humility and selfless servitude to the multitudes of our people,” Dr Butale stated adding that the overzealously confrontational letter summarily rejects the noble efforts of the UDC. The letter dated 10th August 2017 says Dr Butale is far from being the legitimate Secretary General of the BMD that he has no authority to write anything to the UDC on behalf of the BMD.“In July 2017, the NEC elected at the congress in Ghanzi organised and conducted the BMD biennial elective National Congress at Matshekge Senior Secondary in accordance with Articles 13.4 and 13.5 of the BMD Constitution,” Mangole stated. The letter further warned that only the BMD NEC has competence to call, hold and conduct a congress of the BMD, and the NEC has no authority to delegate this function to the UDC or anybody else. Mangole adds that they have held their congress at a great expense, and there is altogether no reason to call and hold another. Both camps have indicated to the UDC in their letters of commitment in solving the crisis, that they would provide evidence that would prove their cases.

29th August 2017

Knife, gun wielding criminals target kombis

29th August 2017

Local public transport drivers and passengers are in trouble - they are being attacked daily by thieves in and outside the city of Gaborone, day and night – but especially at night. The situation has worsened to a point where the majority of kombi drivers have resorted to knocking off as early as 6pm to avoid being robbed. This has put the concerned public transport business owners out of business while their customers are often left stranded with nothing to transport them home after work, especially those knocking off after 6pm at Airport Junction Mall needing to travel south up to Game City Mall.

Woman dies, rises again in church

29th August 2017

Kanye woman, Hilda Modikwe could not stop crying last Sunday before the church when she narrated how her prophet resurrected her from the dead. According to the mother of three, Prophet Keletso Moenda of Be Free Christian Church in Gaborone was sent by God to deliver her and her family from the spirit of death that was tormenting them. She testified that when she came to church on August 13, the prophet picked her and told her that there are unending cases of death in her family, which she confirmed to be true. He also told her that she had a heart condition, which she also said was true.

Date rape prevalent but underreported

29th August 2017

Date rape is prevalent in Botswana, according to psycho-support stakeholders but remains under-reported. Drugs like ndande are used to spike drinks of unsuspecting individuals and force them into sexual engagement. Pako Selemogo of Men and Boys for Gender Equality, noted that perpetrators of date rape are often a casual friend or an individual one is familiar with.

ILO and Media join forces to fight labour & social injustices

29th August 2017

The International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) Country Director for Zambia has said that employment and labour issues are central to survival of communities and governments.

Modubule rules out fresh congress

22nd August 2017

Even before the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) makes a determination on the leadership crisis at the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD), the Sidney Pilane-led executive committee of the party is adamant that there will NEVER be another congress.

Crime has become sophisticated

22nd August 2017

The level of crime in Botswana has escalated with years while the perpetrators are also becoming too advanced and smart for the local community. Of recent, many Batswana have been left reeling in sho ck after being robbed by men dressed in fancy suits and driving exquisite modern cars. 

Murdered cop to be buried this weekend

22nd August 2017

Sergeant Basimane “Shime” Binikwa, the police officer who died at the hands of petty criminals in Gaborone Block 8 last Friday, will be laid to rest in Tsamaya village this weekend.

Thugs assault woman answering call of nature

22nd August 2017

Gobonyemang Phiri of Radisele was brutally beaten by criminals in Tsolamosese while driving from Oodi Farm with her boyfriend to their home around 2am this past Sunday. She told The Midweek Sun that she needed to relieve herself and decided to take advantage of the nearest bush she could spot.

Suspected cop killers denied bail

22nd August 2017

Six men accused of killing police officer Sergeant Basimane Binikwa over the weekend in Gaborone’s Block 8 appeared before Village Magistrate Ike Raphael on Tuesday this week. Binikwa, 43, was stationed at Sir Seretse Khama Airport police station and had just dropped off his friends on the fateful night when he was attacked and left for dead with multiple wounds on the head and left breast. He was certified dead at Extension II Clinic later that night.

The Dalai Lama no show: Who is fooling who?

22nd August 2017

There is more than meets the eye in the way His Holiness Dalai Lama cancelled his controversial trip to Botswana - allegedly due to ill health. Contrary to the official version from Dalai Lama’s private office, The Midweek Sun can reveal that miles away from this country, the Tibetan spiritual leader is continuing to honour his tight schedule. Not only does this evoke many questions, but speculation as well.

Is the Church under siege?

22nd August 2017

Once perceived as a haven for lost souls, the Church is losing its allure and authority as several religious leaders continue to make all the wrong headlines, from sexual misconduct, financial mismanagement and murder. This begets the question: Is religion still relevant in the modern world, and is the role of the Church being eroded by the very individuals expected to uphold positive principles and values in order to inspire and guide their communities? Religious leaders, by definition, are interlocutors between communities and other leaders, as well as followers of other faiths.

Should Catholic priests be allowed to marry?

22nd August 2017

Last week’s reports of the sex scandal that rocked the local Catholic diocese, culminating in the resignation of Bishop Valentine Seane, have prompted a debate around the utility of Catholic priests’ celibacy. Many people who followed details of the scandal on social media felt it was high time Catholic priests were allowed to marry. For decades this is the question that has been coming more often to the Catholic authority.

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