How to smuggle drugs into prison

An investigation by The Midweek Sun has revealed that small packets of ganja can be easily smuggled inside various prison centres of Botswana by using Simba chips packets and alternatively new bottles of under arm roll-ons.

15th January 2016

Life can be such a drag without an ID

15th January 2016

Baluse Mmopedi an old man residing in Loologane, a sandveld 60km from Otse village in the Central District, cannot get old age pension because he does not have a national identity card.

Shoshong residents decry poor roads

15th January 2016

Shoshong residents are decrying the poor condition of roads in their area saying they need to be improved as the rainy season has approached. When addressing Shoshong constituents in a Kgotla meeting on the 4th January, area MP Phillip Makgalemele said he had come to solicit the views and opinions of residents so that he could relay them to government.

No kgosi, no kgotla meetings in Zwenshambe

15th January 2016

Zwenshambe village is currently running without a Kgosi following a high court order which nullified former Minister of Local Government, Margaret Nasha’s endorsement of the Chabale family as the rightful traditional leaders of Zwenshambe village.

BCP youth call Keorapetse to order

15th January 2016

Botswana Congress Party Youth League (BCPYL) has fired a salvo at the Publicity Secretary of the party, Dithapelo Keorapetse for attacking its leader, Tumiso Rakgare.  

Right candidate for the crown

8th January 2016

Once she was crowned the opinions started to rage. Social media was alight with both negative and positive, but mainly negative comments. The gripe was that she was not black enough or she did not represent the Motswana woman; her critics went as far as wanting her to be substituted with either the first or second princesses.

Dead man’s leg found missing in coffin

8th January 2016

Residents of Chadibe in Tswapong were left in shock during the festive holidays when a funeral had to be postponed after it was discovered that the leg of the deceased was missing inside the coffin.

Court rescues dumped workers

8th January 2016

The Francistown Industrial Court judge Galesite Baruti has ordered Diesel Power Botswana to pay the 132 workers it dumped late last year their salaries and other benefits for the months of October and November.

Pastor-cum-diviner condemns ritual murders as archaic

8th January 2016

The recent murder of an 18-year-old girl in the Kweneng district allegedly for ritual purposes, has once again put politicians, traditional leaders, businessmen and women as well as, tragically, church leaders on the spotlight.

28 people die over the festive period

7th January 2016

At least 28 people died  in separate  road accidents during  the Christmas and New Year festive season specifically from 18th December 2015 to 3rd January 2016. Only 37 people died during the same period last year.

Campaign to ban illicit tobacco gains traction

7th January 2016

In this case the evidence is before our eyes. The dominant street vendors and sellers of single tobacco sticks or cigarettes all around Botswana are the most economically vulnerable in the community, women and unfortunately the children particularly young girls down to the age of 16-years.

Unemployment rears its ugly face

21st December 2015

An investigation into high proportions of unemployment in the second city of Francistown by the Midweek Sun has unearthed the different faces of joblessness faced by youth.

'Go December Boss’- CAT is the main drug in circulation this festive season.

21st December 2015

The local adage ‘Go December Boss’ is affiliated with the vibe and hype of December, one of the silliest seasons of the year. A time when new experiences are explored and high risks and experiments are taken. With travel people seek a new location to visit with loved ones.

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