Court reinstates Lutheran Church pastor

It was tears of joy for members of Evangelist Lutheran Church of Botswana as Gaborone High Court Judge Michael Mothobi dismissed a case in which the church council wanted to interdict Pastor Thabiso Segatlhe from his pastoral duties.

27th October 2017

BOCONGO vows to expose Govt’s misdeeds

27th October 2017

Chairman of Botswana Council of Non-Governmental Organisations (BOCONGO), Oscar Motsumi has explained the role of civil societies as to hold government and other players to account, adding this will not be negotiable. Speaking at the opening of the annual NGO Week at Travel Lodge in Gaborone, Motsumi said NGOs must interrogate and investigate the government’s misdeeds and give people hope.

Mascom boosts Tafic vs. Highlanders

26th October 2017

Mascom Wireless will   sponsor   the mouth watering game   between Zimbabwean premier league giants Highlanders FC   and TAFIC at the tune of P106 000. The game scheduled for the Francistown Sports Complex this Saturday will be   part of the city’s 120 years celebrations.  


25th October 2017

Councillor for Sebina, Kemonnye Amon, who stirred controversy when he was implicated in a defilement case in 2015, tied the knot this past weekend. Amon married a lady known as Ellen, who was previously married to his (Amon) elder brother. The brother, who committed suicide several years ago, was suspected to have fallen into a deep depression some years ago when he allegedly discovered that Amon was having an affair with his wife. In 2015 when Amon reportedly prodded the 16-year-old girl’s golden jewels resulting in an unplanned pregnancy, the whole country went on overdrive, with gender activists and politicians criticising the councillor and even insisting that he be sacked. The incident opened a can of worms and skeletons tumbled from the councillor’s closet; he was accused of molesting....

Phenyo Segokgo torn between UDC and AP

19th October 2017

When the purple movement, Alliance for Progressives (AP) was formed by disgruntled and frustrated members of Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD), people thought Phenyo Segokgo would join. But the youthful leader has since developed cold feet and taken a back step. Even though he is occupying one of the highest paid positions as Chairman of Southeast East District Council, Segokgo is still an independent candidate following his expulsion from the troubled BMD. This week The Midweek Sun caught up with Segokgo at his elegant office in Ramotswa to talk about his next political party. He has since associated with joining Botswana National Front (BNF), Botswana Congress Party (BCP) and re-joining BMD. “I am in a difficult situation at the moment. I never anticipated this to happen. I do not know what to do at the moment. But I shall overcome this situation.” Even his facial expression showed that Segokgo is a man battling with his mind. His usual smile was not there. The Sefhoke ward Concillor said because he was voted under the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) he cannot just leave and join Alliance for Progressives because they are not part of the UDC at the moment. “The council chairmanship is a UDC position. At this moment any party without UDC cannot be in this position. They made it categorically clear that if I decided to go to AP they will have to remove me because the party is not part of UDC. We held a meeting last week I am really afraid at this moment of what will become of me if I take the decision of going out,” said an unsettled Segokgo. When he was voted into his position in June, Segokgo was on the brink of being suspended by his former party BMD, which automatically could have barred him from contesting for re-election. After realising that he could be suspended from the party before the election for chairmanship, the young leader mobilised resources and all those important stakeholders to have the election held before his suspension that ultimately led to expulsion. “I have been clear to my friends in the AP even before AP was formed that if we decide with formation of a new party it has to join UDC. We cannot win the elections without UDC. We cannot postpone regime change in 2019. “I have advised them before and I am still optimistic about it. I am confident that my friends in the AP will find a way to join the UDC and that is when I can be in a position to make a decision. I am still in contact with friends in AP and relay my situation to them,” he said. The party will be launching next weekend in Gaborone. According to reliable sources, Segokgo is waiting for the party to formally announce whether they will join UDC or go solo. If they do not talk anything about working with UDC, Segokgo will definitely join one of the parties in UDC.

Anglicans to tackle sexual abuse and dementia

19th October 2017

The Anglican Diocese of Botswana will host the annual Wellness Festival at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross this coming Saturday, 21 October from 6am until lunch time. The festival, which starts with a 15km walk, is held annually in order to encourage the congregants and members of the public to prioritise good health and link it with Christian life.

Dr. Dipesalema: Talks on care for babies

19th October 2017

Senior Lecturer and Consultant Paediatrician/Paediatric Endocrinologist Dr Joel Dipesalema talks to Rachel Raditsebe about paediatrics, a branch of medicine that deals with the care of children.

Death report won't bring back Sir G

19th October 2017

The family of the late Gomolemo Motswaledi - the former Secretary General of Umbrella for Democratic Change and leader of Botswana Movement for Democracy - is not interested in his death report. The accident report has been a hot potato in the UDC and the nation, with calls for the report to be made public. Yet, somehow, the family of the fallen hero does not seem perturbed by the noise around the report.

Disagreements erupt over Bulela Ditswe rules

19th October 2017

Disgruntled members of Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) say the party is likely to face yet another disappointing general election in 2019 on account of the dictatorial tendencies displayed by party President Ian Khama. They accuse Khama of being a dictator by barring them from using Facebook and other social media platforms to campaign during the primary elections.

Why Motswaledi family supports AP

19th October 2017

Ndaba was a true friend, he walked with Sir G in every circumstance 

Norilsk pushes Govt. against the wall

19th October 2017

Giant Russian mining company Norilsk has pulled another stunt by issuing summons against former BCL board members and mine’s executive management for reckless trading. Norilsk recently extended their legal battle against government to recover both business and revenue lost over the sale of its Nkomati assets by casting their net wide and included all former board members, executive management who they accuse of reckless trading under the Companies Act.

Man who threatened to kill Dorcas Makgato will stand trial

19th October 2017

The Broadhurst Magistrate recently ruled that Wazha Tombo (49) who has been charged for threatening to kill Minister of Health Dorcas Makgatho is mentally fit to stand trial. Tombo has been charged with threat to kill contrary to section 2.20 sub section, and for the use of insulting language, contrary to section 1.80 of the Penal Code. Presiding Magistrate Tshepo Thedi granted the accused bail and said he is fit to stand trial as evidenced by a conclusive psychiatric evaluation report from Sbrana Psychiatric Hospital in Lobatse, which depicted him to be mentally stable.

The celebrity black dog that uncovered P19 000

19th October 2017

In recent days, the Botswana Police black Rottweiler sniffer dog has gained fame that no one anticipated after it suddenly graced families’ living rooms on almost a daily basis through local television station BTV. With just a bark and sniff, it can make grown men shake in their boots.

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