Man arraigned for murder of love rival

A 24-year old man of Maipaahela in Francistown accused of killing his love rival on Saturday has been further remanded in custody. The state alleges that Emmanuel Ikaneng murdered Tebogo Gabanakgang in cold blood with a knife during a drinking spree.

4th September 2017

Ntsuape committed to High Court

4th September 2017

An alleged serial arsonist and murder suspect Gobuamang Ntsuape, 30, branded ‘burning passion’ for setting his victims and their property ablaze, will stand trial at the High Court at a date yet to be set. This was said by the presiding Magistrate Kaveri Kapeko.“You are committed to stand trial at the High Court in terms of section 96 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act.”

Kiosk owner accuses police of incompetence

4th September 2017

An elderly resident of Monarch in Francistown whose kiosk has been hit twice by petty thieves in a space of two weeks has blamed Botswana police services of incompetence. “My kiosk has been broken into for the second time now thanks to the police whose service stinks.

Duma Boko takes on ZCC

4th September 2017

Zion Christian Church (ZCC) is fighting hard to bar one of its members, Josta Isaac from being enjoined in a constitutional case the church is currently embroiled in with 11 ‘wayward’ members of the Tlokweng church branch. The matter is before Gaborone High Court Judge, Michael Mothobi. Isaac is represented by Advocate Duma Boko who argues that his client has the constitutional right to protect his interest as a member of the church.

Kgamane snubs Nata residents again

4th September 2017

Nata residents who thronged the Kgotla on Friday hoping to resolve the village’s chieftainship dispute through an election, left dejected as the meeting was cancelled at the last minute to a later date. The announcement of the next election will be made from Bamangwato village of Serowe.

Khama blasts BPP as ‘trouble-makers’

4th September 2017

President Ian Khama has accused Botswana People’s Party (BPP) of being a troublesome political organisation. Khama made these remarks in Serowe over the weekend where Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) was celebrating its 55 years of existence.

Secret plan to destabilise BCP campaigns in Francistown West exposed

4th September 2017

They say politics is a dirty game; and a recent incidence uncovered by this publication is testimony to that. While The Midweek Sun is still piecing things together since the matter is still developing, the publication can confirm that a secret plan to destabilise the opposition in Francistown West constituency in 2019 is being hatched. Ironically, the plan is being masterminded from within the opposition itself.

Nora Cosmetics helps women put their best face forward

1st September 2017

As a woman, you might drink a lot of water, get sufficient sleep, work out and watch your diet, but sometimes you need a little help to get a flawless face and make-up is the best bet. The most important part of make-up is the foundation, because it gives the skin intricate ‘wow’ factor, a smooth and supple appearance before you apply details like mascara, lipstick and eyeshadow.


30th August 2017

Medical Aid companies have reported that they are currently losing about seven to 15 percent monthly on fraud payments. Medical Aid funds/Scheme (MAFs) are regulated and supervised by Non Banking Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority(NBFIRA). However NBFIRA states that there are currently no subordinate regulations and rules to license and monitor the MAFs effectively.

Women with no babies at high risk of ovarian cancer

29th August 2017

An Oncologist at Gaborone Private Hospital (GPH) Dr Sebathu Chiyapo is calling on women to be more aware of the symptoms of ovarian cancer; one of the deadliest gynecological cancers which kill many women every year. “Ovarian cancer is often diagnosed too late,” Dr Chiyapo said in an interview.”It’s important for women to know their risk of contracting this deadly disease, and its earliest warning signs,” he added. Ovarian cancer accounts for about 3 percent of all cancers among women but causes more deaths than any other cancer involving the female reproductive system, the World Health Organisation (WHO) reports.

Contact lenses dangerous if not used properly

29th August 2017

Contact lenses have vastly improved options for those with poor sight. However, they can also cause permanent vision loss if not worn properly. This is a thin, curved lens that is designed to sit on a film of tears covering the surface of the eye. A number of options are available for wearers, including lenses worn for one day, a month or six months - and hard or soft. However, using them does not come without risks.

Dusty road a health hazard for Mogoditshane Block 9 residents

29th August 2017

Residents of Mogoditshane Block 5 have been battling against the dust problem that has become a health issue for well over a decade, with clouds of dust descending on their homes on a daily basis. Residents are concerned about the ‘wall of dust’ they are exposed to day and night, saying it is a threat to their health. “It has affected a lot of aspects of our homes, our lives, and our health,” Leungo Moeti said at her home.

Ndaba’s party will be called Botswana Peoples’ Movement

29th August 2017

The Ndaba Gaolathe-led faction of Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) is on the verge of registering a new party, this publication has learnt. One of the names which will be submitted to the Registrar of Societies is the Botswana Peoples’ Movement (BPM). “Almost everything is in place now.

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