Bamalete Lutheran School of Nursing expands

Bamalete Lutheran School of Nursing (BLSON) in Ramotswa recently broke ground for an expansion project, the first visible step towards a long-awaited new set of infrastructure that will increase the capacity of the school.

27th October 2017

The mouth is a good warning signpost

27th October 2017

While most people see oral health only as having a beautiful smile and minty-fresh breath, experts say infections inside your mouth can cause health problems in other parts of the body and signal diseases such as leukemia, heart disease and diabetes. At the annual Botswana Dental Association (BODEA) scientific congress held at Cresta Lodge over the weekend, Specialist Cardiologist, Dr Kiran Bhagat gave a presentation on how oral health is a window to overall health.

Dr Unami Mulale: the childcare pacesetter

27th October 2017

For Dr Unami Mulale, the definition of a good day is relative to the condition of her patients, and a bad day is usually too hard to describe. She chats with Rachel Raditsebe about her passion for life, medicine and caring for critically ill children. Tell us a little about yourself;

State pulls another stunt in watershed EVM case

27th October 2017

The case in which Botswana Congress Party (BCP) is contesting the legality of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) in our electoral system suffered another setback this week when the State demanded that BCP file an affidavit to support its amended declaration.

Pilane eyes Gaborone Central

27th October 2017

Recent media reports that the 2019 general election will see Phenyo Butale of the Alliance For Progressives and Dumelang Saleshando of the Botswana Congress Party tussle for the Gaborone Central constituency has had the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) raise eyebrows.

Notorious Thupane arrested again in attempted robbery

27th October 2017

Mogomotsi Thupane and Phenyo Ramphane were arrested in Block 7, Gaborone after they attempted to rob Fundex Bureau de Change in Molapo Crossing on Monday morning. The two, reportedly in the company of Matshelo ‘Babyface’ Matlhabakoko, pounced on the offices, pointed a gun at an employee there while asking for money. Luckily, passersby caused a commotion and alerted authorities to the incident.

Lawyer contradicts Mfa’s evidence in botched property sale to Sri Lankan

27th October 2017

The noose is finally tightening around former cabinet Minister Olifant Mfa after Tshedukani Elijah, the lawyer who facilitated his land transaction, contradicted the former Minister’s evidence on Tuesday when he took the stand at the Francistown High Court. One of the directors of Pizza House, Siva Sangarapillar has accused Mfa of swindling cash amounting to half a million in a botched property sales agreement which never materialised. Mfa, who lost his shine in politics after the ascendancy of President Ian Khama to the top office, is currently a specially elected councillor.

Glitz and glamour as AP unveils its Brand & Slogan

27th October 2017

Alliance for Progressives (AP) President Ndaba Gaolathe says people should take time to understand what it means to be a progressive. Speaking at the AP brand and slogan launch in Gaborone this week, Gaolathe said progressive people fight evil and all its manifestations on behalf of Batswana.

Saleshando warns Batswana against Masisi’s presidency

27th October 2017

Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) Vice President Dumelang Saleshando says Batswana should not expect any positive change in their lives when Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi becomes the president of the country. Saleshando, who is also President of Botswana Congress Party, says it is time for Batswana to effect change in 2019 by voting into power UDC.

Boko preaches love, peace

27th October 2017

Botswana National Front (BNF) President, Duma Boko has warned members of the opposition to desist from hurling insults at those they differ with politically. Officially opening the Botswana National Front Women’s League (BNFWL) congress in Kanye over the weekend, the firebrand leader chose to preach love and peace between members of the opposition.

Third death by drowning hits Shakawe

27th October 2017

A 32-year old man of Shakawe drowned and died in Okavango River this past weekend. According to Superintendent Goitsemodimo Molapisi of Shakawe Police Station, the deceased (names withheld) was reported missing on Saturday afternoon. Molapisi said the man was last spotted by a group of ladies diving into the river but surprisingly he never came out. The terrified ladies rushed to the police station to report the incident.

BDP’s consensus candidate system comes under fire

27th October 2017

Some Botswana Democratic Party members have complained that the Party’s Presidential decision to have consensus candidates is one way by their leader to finally reward his stooges with hefty positions before his term expires. Speaking to this publication on condition of anonymity, BDP members fear that the nomination of such candidates will be vetted by Khama, which will disadvantage those not in his good books.

Phage throws political stink bomb at Ndaba and his party

27th October 2017

Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) activist Phagenyane Phage has challenged members of the newly formed party, Alliance for Progressives (AP) to disband. Phage said the formation of the new party was a big mistake by former members of Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD). AP was formed by disgruntled members of the BMD following a verdict by UDC that was aimed at solving the BMD crisis. BMD was led by two factions until its split mid last month.

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