Boko invokes King Solomon’s wisdom

Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) president Duma Boko believes it’d have been a “terrible mistake, serious miscalculation and politically improper”, for him to intervene in the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) internal squabbles much earlier.
There are currently two factions at BMD that are claiming legitimacy to run the troubled Orange Movement. Following their infamous bloody congress in Bobonong last week, BMD has emerged with two factions led by Advocate Sydney Pilane and another by Ndaba Gaolathe. The two factions have since written to UDC claiming to represent the party, BMD.
Addressing media this week, Boko said it’d have been a ‘terrible error of judgment’ if UDC had heeded calls to intervene in the BMD wars.

26th July 2017

The BMD battle lines are drawn

12th July 2017

The names of former Botswana Democratic Party MPs Margaret Nasha and Moeng Pheto appear in the lobby lists of the warring Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) factions as they gear themselves up for their party congress this weekend in Bobonong. And both are preferred candidates for the position of Chairperson with Nasha on the Ndaba Gaolathe and Wynter Mmolotsi camp while Pheto could be fielded under the Gilbert Mangole and Nehemiah Modubule faction.

No expelled BMD member will allowed at Congress - Modubule

12th July 2017

It is a situation of life and death for members of the troubled and once vibrant Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) as they gather in the Bobirwa region to save the soul of the party.

Ever since their last elective congress in Ghanzi, the orange movement has never enjoyed peace as the National Executive Committee (NEC) was besieged by factions and intimidation.  

This weekend the centre of attraction will be how the supporters of the expelled party President, Ndaba Gaolathe and Vice President Wynter Mmolotsi will manage to sneak them into the congress because the party Chairman, Nehemiah Modubule, has vowed that those who have been expelled from the party will not set foot at the congress.

BMD faces a Sunday bloody Sunday

12th July 2017

The seven regional Chairpersons of the troubled Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) say they still stand behind their expelled President, Ndaba Gaolathe.

There are two days left to the much-anticipated elective congress of the orange movement in Bobonong. For the last two years since their elective congress in Ghanzi the party leadership has been involved in internal bickering that might see the Bobirwa region become the party’s splinter ground.  

Congress has no powers to expel me – Modubule

11th July 2017

Botswana Movement for Democracy chairman Nehemiah Modubule says that the congress does not have any powers whatsoever to expel him from the party. “As the chairman, I am the presiding officer of the congress and as such no one will expel me,” he said in an interview.

I’ll do anything for Masisi– Lucas

11th July 2017

Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi’s newfound blue eyed boy Jojo Modiri Lucas has informed The Midweek Sun that he will support the VP with everything that he has and owns.

High divorce rates a result of financial problems

11th July 2017

An accused person Tiro Masimologe a former credit controller for Panda Group who was dragged before Francistown magistrate court for allegedly misappropriating Furnmart/Cash Bazaar subsidiary company Brick Build of around P4 million cash has challenged the company to delist and disown a consolidated financial report audited between 2008 and 2011 as it doesn’t reflect that P4 million has ever missed from the company accounts.

HIV and dating, the vexing question

11th July 2017

Dating can be hard for just about everyone, and dating while HIV-positive can pose some unique challenges. This was expressed by some members of the public living with HIV last week at a media sensitisation seminar on Treat All last week organised by the US Embassy and Ink Centre for Investigative Journalism. Stanley Monageng, 70, runs an NGO called Thusang Bana and has been living with the virus for 20 years now.

Dr Thema extols the virtues of education

11th July 2017

Dr Force Tefo Thema is a man of many awards and his disability has made him even stronger to be an achiever in life. At three years old he was diagnosed with polio, which left him a limping man. However it was the pain of walking long distances to get to primary school in Ranaka that inspired him.

Bmd congress in limbo

11th July 2017

Botswana Movement for Democracy’s (BMD) looming congress in Bobonong is on the verge of being cancelled by the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) if reports reaching The Midweek Sun are anything to go by.

Police ready for Bobonong and Tonota party elective congresses

11th July 2017

Both Bobonong and Tonota police station commanders have revealed that they are fully aware and prepared to tackle any acts of violence and hooliganism during the national elective congresses for the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) which is billed for Tonota and the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) slated for Bobonong village during the president’s holidays.

People with disabilities face worst discrimination in education

11th July 2017

What motivates you? My passion is on empowering women and girls especially those with disabilities on all aspects of their lives. I got to appreciate that the reasons why many women and girls are powerless is due to ignorance (lack of information), feminisation of poverty. Consequently, majority of women live in fear of the social norms and the powers that be and do not challenge the status quo they are socialised into for fear of being ostracised, humiliated, beaten violently, raped or, in some cases, brutally killed. Would you say the voices of women and girls with disabilities are adequately represented in the women’s rights movement? The voices of women and girls with disabilities are not adequately reprsented in the women’s rights movement, because when they are finally mentioned or discussed it’s only done in passing. Our issues are not prioritised at all.

Many Botswana children now suffer from Depression - study

11th July 2017

A growing number of children in Botswana are increasingly battling the dark cloud of depression amongst other mental health illnesses. Executive Director of Phronesis International College (PIC), Dr Thelma Tlhaselo-Majela says the state of mental health among our youth is worrying. WHO estimates that between 2005 and 2015, the number of people living with depression has increased by over 18percent .

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