*There is no BMD President -Boko

20th September 2017

‘Transgender is not gay’

19th September 2017

Deeply-embedded homophobic and transphobic attitudes, combined with a lack of adequate legal protection against discrimination continue to expose Key Populations (KPs) to dreadful violations of their human rights in Africa. Their plight was the focus of discussions for representatives of National Human Rights Institutions (NHRI) and civil society organisations (CSOs) at the 2nd Regional Capacity Strengthening Convening for NHRIs and CSOs in Johannesburg, South Africa.

First In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) lab opens in Gaborone

19th September 2017

*Women can now freeze their eggs locally

Dr Thelma Tlhaselo-Majela: A life skills and peace building specialist

19th September 2017

Her experience as a Counsellor has shown her time and time again that within each individual lies courage, strength, resilience, beauty, and the desire to love and be loved and connected to both oneself and others. In this first instalment Dr Thelma Tlhaselo-Majela talks to RACHEL RADITSEBE about her noble profession.

Boko snubs Molapisi

19th September 2017

*‘He does not take my calls nor respond to my messages’

Mmolotsi: We can’t wait forever for UDC

19th September 2017

The obvious can no longer be avoided in the Ndaba Gaolathe faction of the battered Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD). It was the faction’s vice president Wynter Mmmolotsi who let the cat out on Saturday at Setlalekgosi Junior Secondary School in Francistown. “Our party leader, Ndaba Gaolathe is about to make a proclamation and this is going to be followed by several activities before the party Convention before the end of this year,” he said to cheers of approval. And there’s no guessing that the proclamation is the announcement of the formation of a new party.

Stern warning for party animals

19th September 2017

*Olopeng warns drunkards, trouble makers and revellers

BDP Youth Committee in crisis

19th September 2017

*Tussle between Moabi and Autlwetse over Chairmanship

Kelebeng won’t tolerate Pilane’s gangsterism

19th September 2017

The self-imposed President of Botswana Movement for Democracy Youth League (BMDYL), Jacob Kelebeng says they will not work with their enemies led by Sydney Pilane faction. This is despite knowing that the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) was to announce their verdict on the impasse engulfing the warring BMD factions last (Tuesday) night. After their controversial Bobonong elective congress, BMD has been run by two committees.

‘We are fed up with BMD’ say Ndaba’s factionalists

19th September 2017

Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) Gaborone Region faction in support of Ndaba Gaolathe says it is fed up with the party. These members of the BMD disclosed during a consultative meeting this past weekend in Gaborone that whatever decision would be taken by Umbrella for Democratic Change leadership in resolving the BMD impasse, they are leaving and forging ahead with registering a new party. The members said the BMD is already tainted with negativity and the best thing would be to start all over again. Last night (Tuesday) UDC was scheduled to hand down its verdict on the two BMD factions.

Endometriosis: A woman’s worst nightmare

19th September 2017

Still without any known cure, Endometriosis remains a woman’s worst nightmare, more given the exorbitant fees one has to pay in trying to fight the health condition. It is for this reason that those who have grouped themselves together to fight the disease are thankful for any form of assistance towards dealing with it. In order to help raise awareness about Endometriosis in Botswana, Queves Events over this past weekend donated P10 000 to Botswana Endometriosis Foundation (BEF). On receiving the donation, BEF founders Tshepo Phetwe and Kgomotso Gagosi said that they need such help in order to achieve the goals of the foundation.

Nkgakile appeals to President Khama

19th September 2017

Bruce Nkgakile has petitioned President Ian Khama to help him in his battle to participate in party primary elections for a parliamentary seat in Mogoditshane constituency. This comes after Nkgakile was vetted out two weeks ago from participating in next month’s elections. Nkgakile was barred from participating in the party primary elections because it was said he is new in the constituency.

Blame the drunkards, not Fish - Olopeng

19th September 2017

*Minister Olopeng blames tragedy on excessive intake of intoxicants 

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