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A diva with an attitude

Before stunning everyone when she appeared wearing a provocative dress with a long slit from her waist down to her toes and posed like a true diva with an attitude at the weekend BOMU Awards, renowned poetess Berry Heart had forewarned the public about her look on the evening.

“Watch out for my evening gown babe…ke kgalema lenyatso,” the 26-year-old bootylicious poetess had written on her Facebook page earlier that morning to keep the anticipation burning. Heart had posted on the previous day that “the outfit was going to resurrect the real Jesus”.  And as

Our government is arrogant - Nasha

Former Speaker of Parliament Margaret Nasha has accused government of harbouring an “arrogant attitude”

Masilo sentencing on Christmas Eve

Convicted rapist and robber Thabo Masilo will learn his fate on Christmas Eve next week when Village Chief

Santa’s Grotto awes Botswana’s tiny tots

Gopolang Peloyame and her daughter Gorata, 5, made the trek to Masa Mall on Saturday so Gorata could tell

A strong leader in the making

Loeto is a future leader and policy maker. Born 16 years ago in Rakops in the central district of Botswana,