Masa determined to maintain good pass rate

01st June 2016
the midweek sun reporter Source:The Midweek Sun


By Yvonne Mooka -

For the past 10 years, Masa Primary School has been featured among the best performing top five schools out of the 48 primary schools in the south-east district.

The environment at the school is positive, as students, teachers and staff in general believe ‘excellence is the standard.’  Since 2011, the school has been doing well. AB results were 59 percent and 61.6 percent for the years 2011 and 2012. ABC results were 94 percent and 93 percent during the same years, respectively.

For 2013 and 2014, AB 59.3 percent and 95.2 percent were recorded, while ABC was 95.2 percent and 61.3 percent and 92.7 percent. A slight drop was recorded last year with AB 53.3 percent and ABC 90.6 percent.

During a recent motivational session with members of the media, school Head, Brenda Kolaagano said Masa has over 1 000 pupils from Gaborone, Mmopane, Mochudi and Mmankgodi. However, the challenge is that eight of them are taught out in the open under trees.

Several teachers emphasised that teaching outside in the open was a challenge as there is no use of teaching aids. However, they remained optimistic. “Excellence is our standard and we are able to make it through determination and resilient teachers,” said school head, Kolaagano.

Senior teacher Languages, Omphemetse Rakobonyana pleaded with members of the media to adopt the school, or to take the message to the public and private companies, institutions and parastatals.

Invited media practitioners taught passionately on self-awareness, career guidance, discipline and peer pressure. They also interacted with students who shared with them their dreams of being future presidents, lawyers, journalists, pilots and doctors. “We will continue to work hard to exceed our individual targets,” said one of the school prefects, Eunice Motswaiso.

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