Three-month reception classes extended to a year

01st June 2016
kids Source:The Midweek Sun


By Tefo Nombolo -

The three-month reception pilot project by the Ministry of Education, Skills Development, has now been extended to a year in some areas in the country.

According to a teacher at Maitlamo Primary School, Thatayaone Brown, last year two schools were selected in Lobatse; Pitikwe Primary School and Ipeleng Primary School for the year-long programme.

Previously, standard seven teachers of the same schools would take charge of Reception pupils who were admitted in the schools immediately after the standard seven examinations.

According to the teacher, the good news now is that Reception classes will have specific teachers, dedicated to the classes for the whole duration of the year.
This programme has become a relief to some parents. One such parent is Naledi Matsheka whose daughter is taking part in the programme at Taung Primary School. 

The proud mother says ever since she enrolled her daughter in the programme she can see some improvement in her skills. But these children are not only introduced to academics, she has observed that they are taught basic mannerisms and how to be polite.

“The teachers teach them how to say thank you, please, they are taught botho at school which makes me so happy,” she says. She encouraged other parents to take advantage of this programme as it could make a vast difference in lives of young children.

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