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21st July 2016
BMC gesture control Source:The Midweek Sun


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BMW 7 series gesture control
With BMW Gesture Control, selected functions can be operated through defined hand movements such as swiping or pointing. Capital Motors Sales Manager, Michael Masunga says this allows you, for instance, to accept or reject incoming phone calls or just volume by simply circling your index finger. This advanced technology is also available in 2016 Audi Q7 and other cars.

Keyless access and start
You have better things to do than dig around in your pockets or purse for the keys. Keyless access utilises radio signals to wirelessly communicate with your key fob when it comes within close proximity of your vehicle. Using a button or touch sensor on the door handle, you can lock and unlock your car without ever removing the key fob from your pocket or bag. These encrypted radio signals disengage the vehicle’s theft immobiliser as well, allowing you to start the vehicle with the push of a button. In a quest to improve this technology, auto developers are currently working around the clock to develop a Biometric Vehicle Access that will allow you to be able to unlock and start your car without anything more than your fingerprint or maybe your eyeball.
Availability: Select subcompact cars and up

Comprehensive vehicle tracking
This cutting-edge technology enable businesses to keep real-time tracking of their vehicles, valuable packages, off site employees, deliveries and also individual vehicles owners to know where their vehicles are, at what speed they are going, mileage and direction of travel. Accutrack Sales Executive Tshepang Ranyere said customers are able to track their vehicle with a tracker device and tracking software from their mobile phone, iPad or online via office computer. In this circumstance, once the stolen vehicle is located via google map view, an engine can be cut off at that particular time.

BMW 7 series touch command
This is a tablet with a 7’’ display integrated into the rear centre armrest. Networked with the vehicle’s systems, it offers extensive settings and control options. It allows you, for example, to adjust the rear seats and front passenger seat, the air conditioning, ventilation and rear seat heating while also providing control of the Ambient lighting, the blinds for the glass sunroof and the roller sunblinds.

Mercedes Benz E220D distance pilot distronic
Utilising stereoscopic camera and radar arrays, this semi-autonomous driving system not only maintains a safe following distance, but also allows the E-Class to follow cars in front at speeds up to 210km/h. Naledi Motors Sales Executive, Watson Bogha Nkoni says the system can scan for road markings and surrounding vehicles, while its Steering Pilot sub-module provides steering assistance to follow the road with minimal driver input and can initiate a full autonomous stop and restart in traffic within 30 seconds.

Natural speech voice recognition
Many of today’s navigation systems incorporate advanced voice recognition processors that take the guesswork out of verbal requests. Rather than following a series of voice prompts for the city, state, and house number search fields, one-shot allows you to speak an entire address at once.
Availability: Most compact cars and up equipped with navigation and/or Android Auto and CarPlay.

Remote vehicle management
Ever wish you could monitor and control essential vehicle functions through your smartphone? With remote vehicle control, now you can. After downloading the appropriate application from the App Store or Google Play, you have the power to lock, unlock and start your vehicle from virtually anywhere. Some systems even let you control climate settings, view pertinent diagnostic data like fuel/charge levels and transfer a business listing or address directly to your car’s navigation system.

Availability: Select GM, Chrysler, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Hyundai models.

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