Our best wishes for President Masire

11th July 2017



Almost a month into his 93rd birthday, which falls on July 23, the Father of our Nation, Rra Gaone is fighting for his dear life in the Intensive Care Unit of Bokamoso Private Hospital. The country’s first deputy prime minister, vice president and second president – Joni Ketumile Marquette Masire (Masira phefo ya borwa) – is a stabilising force; a voice of reason and a unifying factor during these trying times of political upheavals and economic uncertainties.

Rra Gaone has defined the direction of this country first by his ordinary background, as a son of a headman and later as a co-founder, secretary and president of a political party that has ruled this country since Independence from the British in 1966 to date – the Botswana Democratic Party.

A master of the SeTswana language by virtue of being a descendant of the BaHurutshe tribe, Rra Gaone left a huge void when he voluntarily stepped down from the presidency in 1998 - to make way for Festus Mogae - that still remains to be filled in terms of rallying the nation around SeTswana!

We understand that Rra Gaone’s family has requested privacy during this trying time, yet we feel duty-bound to appeal to the nation to keep the Father of Our Nation in their prayers.

The country can still benefit a lot from his wisdom hairs. We are convinced that Rra Gaone, a teetotaller who has survived many near death experiences, some induced by renal failure before, can certainly survive this current episode to emerge even stronger. We join his children and siblings to wish him a speedy recovery.

We also appeal to the religious and faith-based communities across the country to keep Rra Gaone in their prayers and for the people of this country wherever they may be, to wish Our Father a quick recovery.

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