Open letter to Malete Land Board

16th August 2016


By Matshediso K Fologang

I submitted an application for transfer of tshimo at Manyelanong Otse to my son in the afternoon of Friday 9th May 2014. I had sought guidance from the officials of the land board and satisfactorily complied. I went an extra mile by paying P100 transfer fee which was not shown in the guideline I was given.

I was thereon given acknowledgement letter stating that I would be invited to a meeting. More than two years later I still have not transferred the tshimo. This is despite my frequent visits appeal to the Board Chairman, Board Deputy Secretary. Recently on 16 July the Board Chairman assured me that the documents I had submitted had been found and that the Board required that I fill a fresh application form, which would be delivered to me. I again met Board Deputy Secretary who confirmed this. It is now almost a month I am still waiting for the form.

Some time in May 2016 I was forced to appeal to the Permanent Secretary at Lands and Housing on the same matter. The Ministry also acknowledged receipt of my appeal and informed me that they would revert to me in a short time. Nothing has come of this promise too.

I consider myself a prominent person in Ramotswa and though not expecting any special treatment but I wonder how the less known are treated by the people who are supposed to give them service. The service by both the Board and its entire staff is unsatisfactory and appalling.
The manner in which staff behave in the presence of Board Chairman is highly unprofessional and rude. I was a witness to this in one of my frequent visits to the Board Chairman. My son had intended to do a project then in 2014 and his dream has been shattered by incompetence and arrogance of both the Board and its powerful staff. I am aware that this will further be used to punish me and all those I share the surname with. This will not deter me from fighting injustice and open favouritism to those close to the Board and its officials. Even the standards that you have set for yourselves you have thrown out and doing your work like masters and not service providers.

Matshediso K Fologang
Lephaleng, Ramotswa

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