My Prince was never a Money Bin

15th March 2018


By Joe-Brown -

Dear Prince Maele: 

Mr. Prince Charming, I write to you a concerned man. I remember in our days as hardworking employees at our workplaces re go raya re re don’t get into politics. In your stubborn stance you ignored us and decided wena o ya go nna MP and that soon you will be the President of this country. How ambitious! Look at what you have gotten yourself into right now!

Of late you have been in the news for all the wrong reasons and as one of the friends who have known you all our lives, I feel compelled to reach out to you to seek that you shed light on what really is happening. I know politicians to be these careless thieves who would rob their people of anything in broad daylight but you see my friend, I have always known you to be a very rich and hardworking man, long before you even became a politician.

But somehow you seem to have let your guard down and your name is mentioned in the same breath as those of the seasoned political thieves who have been known to loot our country with impunity for time immemorial. For some reason, wherever and whenever your name is mentioned, there are stashes of banknotes in the background.

Suddenly you have become careless and you are now counted among people who only care about themselves and not Batswana. I don’t know you like that. Now you see what we meant when we said don’t join politics? You know, I still refuse to believe the things I hear about you. Really, when did you become this greedy? What is it that so quickly changed about you to see your name suddenly elevated to the league of maepantlo?

I was in the Moshupa Manyana ward of Ralekgetho this past weekend where I listened to this excitable boy wa Phikwe tell of a minister being found with stashes of zaka in his compound. Trust me, he neither mentioned your name nor gave hint as to who this minister could be, but somehow, for some inexplicable reason, you are the first person that came to my mind.

Yet I immediately dismissed the thought, saying to myself: No, he can’t let that happen to him again, and he can’t be that careless. You know of all those lies that were peddled about you in the recent past – about you being found with cash amount of 300 grand. I call it lies because the matter has since disappeared without a trace with no court charging you or anyone asking you to return the money.

Morena, politicians are jealous – baloi dilo tse! But I don’t pity you. You made your bed, and so shall you lie on it. I guess your mates realise you are just some naïve boy on whom they can stash any proceeds of crime and you look guilty. O tlaabo o nnetse go shebasheba gone fa. You must wake up and man up man, and stop sulking when your mates teach you a thing or two about politics. You said you will make it. Ahaa… there you go then.

From nowhere you have been associated with guys found with money amounting to 8 million bucks. You were connected and your P300k was associated with the 8million. Yet le ene guy ya teng was never found to be guilty of any wrongdoing. No concrete proof existed of him carrying that amount, except the much lesser amount being contested in court.

Since then, nothing has been said or done about the purported scandal – the matter just slid out of memory. You will thus understand why I immediately dismissed the thought of you being the culprit when the motor-mouth boy excitedly chirruped about a minister caught with his pants down. As I said, I don’t know why it was you who immediately came to mind, but I also thought, nnyaa, e seng ene gape.

I actually then imagined it could perhaps be Gums. Maybe because I know him to roll in the money, and just like you, because of riches he had acquired long before he came into the public space of politics. I just thought: who else could be found with stashes of hundreds of thousands in cash at their homestead? Most of the other ministers are just poor only financially elevated into opulence by ministerial association.

Oh, I also thought of that Sure guy wa Bobirwa. Kana le ene one can’t put these things past him. He comes out as controversial as you are my friend. Anyway, when later that day it was confirmed that it was indeed you, I thought Nyaa tlhe banna! What has gotten into this guy of late? Really now? What has gotten into you Prince?

What makes you carry so much money around to even be found out to have thrown some into your dustbin? See now how everyone is ridiculing you? They call you Bin-Laden Prince, they call you Mr. Bin, they call you Bin Man…. All sorts of names associated with money being found in your bin. Come on Prince, o raya gore le wena you would opt to hide money in a dust bin? You mean you are that naïve?

I know you to be too smart to even make such a school kid error of thinking the refuse bin is the best place to hide plunder. I am thus tempted to believe that maybe someone planted it there and called the security agents in the pretext of a tip-off. But then again, what would they be hoping to achieve with you? Could someone have tried to divert our attention from the NPF funds scandal or perhaps they took advantage of the hype around the NPF to implicate you? I know you can’t admit knowledge of the origins of that money but I would really love to find out why anyone would target you like that. O setswe ke mang morago e le gore? And this person has loads of cash with which to play and throw around. Kooteng gatwe re dibari. I know you can be careless and clumsy at times but I refuse to believe it was you who placed the money there.

You would be a fool if that is the case and I wouldn’t even pity you. You should copy from your principals gore madi a jewa jang. Just look at the ongoing saga where millions are being thrown around; wena obo otla ka 50 tousanenyana fela? What if it’s the guys implicated in the millions’ scandal simply trying to divert the people’s attention! Or the guys within your party who stand to gain at your demise? O ba cheke. For instance, who wants to compete with you for your constituency next year? And the DCEC whistleblower?

I will be watching the space. Once your Bulela Ditswe e bulelwa, I will be watching and looking at those coming out to contest with you. These guys are dirty. See how they are also trying to discredit Masisi on the eve of his ascendancy. I bet some within your party are secretly planning a motion of no confidence in the man knowing they will have the support of opposition MPs. And then bang: Big Brother continues as President for some time, or he appoints a new Vice President – TK or MmaVee – who will then succeed him to continue his rule. I mean, why such allegations with four weeks to his big day? Perhaps tsa di caravan tsaga Big Brother le bo 70tao waga DJ were meant to be a smokescreen fela because if SisiBoy were to be the only one mentioned, it would have been pretty obvious someone is framing him. You see, there are many ways of killing a cat, but of late there has developed this tendency to frame and discredit.

People will go at lengths to even create fake documents, pictures, audios and videos to discredit hardworking people. Kana you are a hardworking minister Prince, and it should not surprise you that some want you out – even dead maybe. Nna that’s why I abhor politics. The dirty games being played there are at a savage level. People are never afraid to kill for political recognition. They will even kill an innocent soul simply because some fake of a witchdoctor has told them to get fresh human kidneys and mix them with the heart, liver and the genitalia for a concoction to make them win elections. It is a murky world out there, I wonder what had gotten into you le wena when you opted to go into politics. You were at peace ko BOMAID as Head of Human Resources with no one to ridicule you at every opportunity. Now o mainaina - Moshebashebi, Doc Shebelesa, Molebeledi because everywhere you are, there is always something you seem to be looking for around you. Lately o Binny Man, MoneyBin, Bin Mael and all that. Had you stayed out of this dirty world we wouldn’t even be knowing anything about you and your money. In this world mchana, your money is everybody’s money. Look at me – who cares gore I have P97 531 in my office drawer? I am at peace. I chow the money as I wish. The moment I join MELS, I will be accused of stealing from the public. So you see, morena, you should have known better not to join politics when we warned you against it. Ba santse ba tlaa go senya leina and even worse, they could place your life in danger. Be careful where you go from now on.Ba go lekile kabo Khato Civils lebo Burrow Bothakga, and perhaps because le wena in your naivety, you cancelled that P5billion tender ya the water pipe carrier o saitse gore o kgotlha batho. So my friend, just take our word and quit politics. This thing is not for you. Gape gongwe baka go fologa.




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