Where is the P30million Rre Khama?

21st February 2018


By Joe-Brown -

Dear Thapelo Olopeng

Let me first extend my warmest greetings to you Bra Tapza, after months of no contact with you. In case you are wondering, I have chosen to write you this brief because I am worried about the state of affairs occasioning in our sport, a portfolio Big Brother has since entrusted in you.

To think that the ministry was once given to Vincent! Ao banna, Biggie le ene sometimes with his experiments! What was he thinking really? You see why I always see conspiracy in some of these ministerial appointments? I was sharing this concern with Unity recently, that she was loaded at that cursed education ministry to fail her and to make us forget about her heroic legal escapades against government. I think Vinnyboy was also a victim of some form of conspiracy when he was dumped at your ministry where I feel he was a misfit. I always saw him as too corporate to be associated with culture, sport and youth issues. He was always out of place even at events he read speeches the content of which he probably didn’t even believe in.

And then there was Gladys. Shem MmaKay wa Modimo! Tota ene the less said about her stint at the ministry the better. But talking about her, waitse tota it is true Batswana re lebala ka pele. Kana when MmaKay took the reigns at the sports ministry, she made a grand promise of P30 million for the premier league and first division players for their monthly allowances. That was in March 2009, and she was actually relaying a promise from Big Brother. Almost a decade later, and about 30 days before Biggie steps down, no such allowances have been paid to the players. I remember asking you Bra Tapza, to remind Biggie of that money. You have since ignored the matter. I doubt you even dared remind him of that promise he made - o mo tshabile!

Our clueless football leaders le bone have also been quiet on the matter. To think gore they have never even raised the matter anywhere? Yet they continue to wallow in poverty where players go months and years without getting paid! And now le wena you have chosen go ingwabaa ka kgang ya madi a teng seeing that the sport leadership never makes follow ups on anything. Nnyaa Tips, at least find a platform to discuss that money. A promise is a promise, and it is not always true that politicians’ promises are meant to be broken.

I had really hoped you would become a better sports minister than Vinnyboy and MmaKay. But you disappoint me. Unlike these two, I felt you had the prerequisite qualities to fit. You are nimble and active - a trait of a sporty person. You are indefatigable and you talk too much - traits of a youthful person. And as for the arts and culture, o motho le mejemo – you like partying and deejaying. That is why the youth are so in love with you. In their eyes, you are the best present they could ever get from Big Brother. But that is where my problem with you lies. You seem to have found refuge in youth issues and have since decided to subtly ignore sports. Tsone oa di etela e bile....  READ MORE IN THE PRINT VERSION, CURRENTLY IN THE SHOPS THIS WEEK


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