Of Tiger Baba and the blindness of love

04th September 2017


By Keletso Thobega -

Some of you might have caught wind of an incident regarding a young lady who was left with an egg on her face when the man she had been dating for a year married someone else. And wait for the climax… The day before his wedding, the two apparently had a steamy roll in the hay with and the chap left her at his house the next morning, telling her that he was attending his aunt’s funeral. She later heard from friends that her supposed bae was getting married to someone else in another village.

Talk about being ‘bricklayered’. Moo ga se go itewa ka setena…ke ntshenatshe! So the poor lady, who had even introduced the man to her family, was technically a side chick and she did not even know about it. Ouch! Some people are evil and selfish. Most of us have heard of stories about men who dump women they dated for years, only to marry someone they had only been with for a few months. Relationships and marriage are contentious because some people lead double lives and have multiple personalities.

Nowadays people hook up and dump each other, marry and divorce like it is a game. O tlaa re ke wena ke wena kante o ipeile sure ka mokwanya o sena heel. Anyways, I looked at the picture of the man accused of committing this grave romantic atrocity and I burst into laughter because he is facially challenged. I don’t know what attracted this lady to this man but she was probably in love.

On the upside, one day she will meet a man who is ten times better and look back and realise that the mokoupere's stunt was a blessing in disguise. Bad romance happens to the best of people; no one is immune from heartbreak. Many people have purported to love individuals who are unworthy while others are in ‘fake’ relationships because they think they are in love.

Loving someone does not mean that they will be on the same page or that they will love you back the same way. We also never want to admit that sometimes love 'expires ’; people outgrow each other and feelings change. Sometimes the spark that could have salvaged a withering love just disappears. It's sad but it is life, When the feelings of desire, care and lust evaporate, you suddenly start to look at the person differently.

A case in point is divorcees - two people who once upon a time were madly in love but several years down the line they cannot even stand to be in the same room. Sometimes when you lose interest in someone or “out of love” you might even wonder what you saw in them during your courtship. I have experienced falling "in and out" of love.

I once had a fling with this other person I will call Exhibit X. When the “love” was burning like a prima stove, he seemed perfect and I was on cloud nine. But I now look at him and think, ‘What had got into me?’ The person is not even my type; we are worlds apart. In retrospect, I suspect that I could have been dick-whipped. It was probably the anaconda calling! Sometimes people confuse attraction, pleasure or lust with love. Most of you can identify with the experience where you once really liked someone but you now look at him or her and wonder what on earth attracted you to that person. Kante go dirwa ke eng? Kana batho ba bangwe e ka re ba itshasa Tiger Baba hela waitse!

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