Football is too dirty and murky for you Billy

26th July 2016
From me to you


By Joe-Brown Tlhaselo

Dear Billy

Greetings to you Mr Billy Man. It's been a long time since I last saw and spoke to you. I hope all is well with you despite the everyday challenges you have to face with the insatiable DSTV subscribers in Botswana. I still remember the last time you and I had some physical and verbal interaction at your offices behind Riverwalk. The world must know that you are a great guy. The common man that I am, you left me speechless with your humility and selflessness in your committed service after my complaint about the conduct of your subordinates. Which is why I was excited last week to hear you were plotting a dramatic ascension to the highest position of football administration in the country.

I thought to myself, wow, at least I know him to care a lot about the people he serves. From those first impressions, I believe you can do what many leaders fail to do once they are perched up there where they look down upon us - you do not forget why and how you are up there. It was long before I heard of your ambitious intensions and I am sure you were not just doing it for my vote. But I must say you are a brave man to want to be BFA President. Your demeanor when I saw you has no correlation with the traits required for one to lead football in this country. Perhaps I know nothing about you but you look to me like a decent guy who would not want his name and reputation soiled and toiled over by even some obscure mortals who may never have even seen you all their lives. That's the nature of being a football leader in this country. Soon all manner of insults will be rained down on you and extended graciously at everyone else you hold dear. I pity you because your staff at Multichoice will never look at you the same way whenever you arrive at the office on Mondays. Ask the likes of Fani, Makgalemele, Sebego and even bo Rre Dikgaka, Kgame, Kgotlele, ...

Those who left did so with their reputations in tatters. It is just the nature of being a football leader. It is a thankless undertaking that does not care who you were before or how the world looked at you. When you leave, you are never the same in the eyes of the world. Most of the time, you are deemed a hopeless loser at best, or a corrupt thief at worst. Such is what I see you chasing after Mr Billy Man and I dare say again, you are brave man. To know that the insults have begun raining down on you after your involvement in the Nato saga ruling! I wonder what more will be on offer for you. I just wonder what it is you want in football though. Not that I don't know you to have been involved in sports for some time, kana you also sat in the inaugural BNSC's Hall of Fame working committee le bo Raj Rhoo Rathedi who ranks as the best sportsperson I know in this country. It says a lot about you and your association with sports in the country - to work along such sporting giants and deciding on which Botswana's sporting greats should be publicly celebrated.

The question is, what is it up your sleeve that makes you so sure that you can brush past the industry sharks and swim successfully in these murky and turbulent waters that are Botswana football? What faction are you, for we know in football you can't ascend to the presidency without some cabal of some sort? When you recently made decisions on the Nato case, were you already thinking of the presidential race? Kana there are already some misgivings regarding the judgement on Nato by the BFA DC of which you were a part. People argue that the judgement was partly made this dubious in order to put the incumbent in a tight corner that will make football lovers dismiss him as a bad leader. I mean, how do you guys say Nato is a defaulter and then allow Rollers to play the Mascom Top 8 final? Football interest or not, it just did not make sense. This is why there is so much confusion right now over what really is happening ka Rollers. I just wonder how true it is that the judgement was cunningly crafted to discredit Sebego in the long run. But the signs are there already that the football world won't be kind to you as well Mr Billy Man, you should just leave this murky world to its dirty people and at least lurk on the wings if somehow, there is something you are after.

I'm really struggling to imagine you as a Botswana football president, you are too decent for that given the trends. Yes, it is no secret, football administration in Botswana is not for the cleaner types - it does not matter how good a leader you are where you are currently, you will eventually be soiled as well. It has happened to all of them. Yet I am also inclined to symapthise with your candidacy for some rather selfish reasons: I love watching quality broadcasts of matches on television, and perhaps your ascendancy to the helm of our football might just poke our national television station a little. Perhaps in their fears of what influences you might bring as a Multichoice Africa employee, the bosses at the government enclave will move swiftly to ensure an improved production of live matches.

You see, Btv has skilled manpower to deliver a great television product, I just think someone sitting up there far away from the ground is holding on to resources that can help them match your Supersport guys. I know that someone will panic at the prospect of Supersport returning to take the limelight, and your being President might spur them into corrective action. What if Multichoice 'instruct' you to deliver the beMOBILE Premiership to them? You will side with them as your employer. So, whether you directly influence the coming on board by Supersport or not, one way or the other our television production of games will improve. And come to think of it, maybe this is why you repeatedly announced to local subscribers that you won't be increasing subscription fees this year. Smart move there Billy. Most DSTV subscribers in Botswana do it for football, and you played your cards well there. Let's hope they reward your thoughtfulness with that vote in case it is true you are really standing for the presidency. Multichoice may also elevate you further should you give them our league as their business will surely see tremendous growth in this country. Now I'm not sure where I stand with you, Billy.

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