‘In the abundance of water the fool is thirsty’

23rd January 2017
Ernesto's Briefs


By Ernest Moloi -

Legendary human rights activist and musician par-excellence, Berhaine Selassie (Light of the Trinity) counsels humanity with a truth from ancient of days - that only a fool goes thirsty in the abundance of water.

The man is a pure genius. I suppose he coined the phrase after an encounter with the passage in the Holy Bible in which some of the children of Israel were seen dying of thirst in the midst of a deluge during the exodus from Egypt to Canaan.

I am equally reminded of this counsel when I watch in awe and bewilderment the floods of waters that have lately swarmed parts of the country in the south, yet our city dam continues to run dry! The floods are wreaking havoc, destroying bridges and exposing our shoddy workmanship in the process not to mention the myopia of our planners, who in-spite of the unflattering evidence, have made it a habit to build residences,malls and shopping complexes on watercourses.

Our levels of depravity and stupidity are so appalling! Water is life, we claim – but we do absolutely zilch to harvest it during downpours. It’s this consumerist mentality that has consumed our very being to the extent we suppose we can purchase just about everything, including God forbid, the elements of nature! How cruel can capitalism be?

Very soon, at the rate we’re going we’ll have a smart merchant of Asian stock selling us the very air we breathe. He may even, for the fun of it, conspire with our government to privatise the commercial undertaking, and like sheep to the slaughter, we’ll submit. We are a gullible lot. Never ready to defend our freedoms and rights!

We’ve been trampled on and we’re like doormats. We venerate the bullies that terrorise us, even immortalise them in prose and song. The thieves that steal our waters, our land, our flora and fauna; our national assets, the miscreants that burden us with taxes for every effort we indulge in our attempt to extricate ourselves from the abyss of poverty and misery.Awake ye that slumber. Your country has fallen in the hands of aliens! No longer do you eat what you produce; worse still, you can’t preserve the seed you plant for the next season.

Monsanto and her ilk run our cornfields by remote control through genetic modification – nothing else but contagion for our fowls, herds and crops to ultimately transform us into walking zombies and guinea-pigs for their scientific misdeeds.

Again, hearken to wise counsel, they can kill the flesh but not the soul, the spirit has wings; like ideas it will confound these pretenders as it regenerates in every generation to haunt them unto eternity and chase the lying, cheating dissemblers towards that bottomless pit that they’ve dug for themselves. In the New Year, create a new resolve. To live life to the fullest in the knowledge that truth is light, as Berhaine Selassie, our guide teaches

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