Castro, the master of his destiny

02nd December 2016
Ernesto's Briefs


By Ernest Moloi -

Fidel Castro Ruz is not just a revolutionary. He is a visionary as well. He lived a fulfilling life. Much as he is hero-worshipped, we are also alive to his mortality. And indeed, this was affirmed this past weekend November 25th 2016, when he departed the flesh.

All that remains are eulogies from fellow compatriots as well as vile and venomous diatribes from his detractors. And there are many of them. The majority are in the USA, where they fled to Miami immediately after the Revolution that deposed the American proxy leader, General Fulgencio Batista from power and immediately installed the Revolutionary Government of Fidel and his Argentinian (later Cuban) compatriot, Ernesto Che Guevera. Let Castro sleep peacefully. He has done his part.

As for us Africans, especially in Southern Africa, our liberation would be incomplete without mention of Cuba’s intervention in Angola, Namibia and South Africa. We owe much of our freedom today to this revolutionary leader. And make no mistake about it, he was equally magnanimous in his beliefs and commitment to an egalitarian society in which all peoples live as equals and share equally in the wealth of their country.

This explains his steadfast commitment to the ideals that he styled ‘Internationalism,’ through which he sent Doctors, Scientists and Trainers to most countries to help in the health, education and sports sectors. We in Botswana have benefitted immensely from this programme in the areas of health and sports, especially boxing. By their nature revolutionaries are idealists.

This, is why Castro has managed for over half a century to defy the might of North America and her brutal genocidal trade and commercial embargo that has been in place since 1960. Its purpose was, has been and is to discredit the ideals of communism and socialism to which Castro was an adherent and not a pretender. They have failed. That struggle between the little Caribbean island and Mighty North America harks back to the David/Goliath epic battle. We all know that good ultimately prevails over evil, and so with this trade and economic embargo, shall it come to pass.

In a twist of Fate, it has taken America’s first Black President, Barack Obama to relax this embargo. Travel restrictions and diplomatic tensions between the two have eased.We are steadily witnessing a thawing of relations, notwithstanding threats being made president-elect Donald Trump to undo what Obama had carefully weaved together under painstaking conditions.

Cuba without Castro will be a little dull, but we can rest assured that his ideals and spirit will outlive all the negativity being spewed by Western propagandists and their cohorts. The Revolution will not be betrayed. It will stay true to its ideals and once the Embargo has been completely lifted, Cuba will rise to become a World Superpower as she has already demonstrated with her selflessness towards weaker nations of the world, by protecting them to the extent of sacrificing the blood of her sons and daughters in the defense of the territorial integrity of foreign states.

Rest in eternal peace Commander General of the Revolutionary Army and indeed we wish the same for our fallen heroine, MP for Tlokweng Same Bathobakae. Aluta continua!

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