Place these blessers and messers under The Eye

25th July 2016
From me to you


By Joe-Brown Tlhaselo

Dear Kaboeamodimo

Rre Mogomotsi, I hope this letter finds you in high spirits and great health, for I need your full attention for just these four minutes. I am not sure however, if you are the appropriate person to address in this brief. You see, I have never really understood what your actual role in relation to Botswana Television is, because the one moment I hear you are a permanent secretary and the next I learn you are engaged in the things I expect a broadcast services department director to be doing instead. When least expected, especially over the past few days, I see you reading the news on television. I still wonder what you really are out there, but I am convinced that you are the right person to whom to turn regarding my plea this week. My cry to you may perhaps just need the attention of a television reporter or producer to help, and given that government departments have this habit of referring inquiries to their directors and permanent secretaries, I guess with you I will have no struggle getting an immediate response as it appears that for now, you are a one-stop shop of broadcasting services. Someone really needs to relieve you of all these responsibilities - baa go lapisa.

Anyway, without beating about the bush, I wish to request that you bring back that Omphile Sehurutshe boy of The Eye fame for a special assignment to save our football please. You see, these days go tletse boitaolo in our football, with every Tom, Dick and Harry thinking they can do as they please with our beloved sport. We just no longer know what to expect anymore, for things can just change overnight depending on which side of the bed the initiator has awoken. You know morena gore over the past few weeks there has been chaos at our football with the names Ofentse Nato, Rapula Okaile, Bennett Mamelodi and Tebogo Sebego taking centre stage. I am quite sure you too got to know the name Rapula over the said days. Hitherto, not many knew a thing about him, except of course those in the know of corporate entities he has served away from the football that has now tarnished his image. Just last week we were also hearing of some MacLean and Solomons, all coming in to spice up the simmering alphabet soup of promises and lies. One of the Solomons was in fact accused of deliberately stoking and fueling the already raging fire underneath the football cauldron, while the other Solomon emerged to offer what he terms a credible alternative towards getting our sport back to sanity.

It is concoction of organized chaos Rre Mogomotsi and I am sending an SOS message to you to help us find a solution to this mess that is now polluting the wider sporting environment in this country. Kana e bile on Friday night people were anxious ahead of the Desert Race, convinced that a sport commission directive could come anytime to say the race has also been postponed. Remember how Rollers and Chiefs had spent huge sums of money preparing to play an officially-sanctioned match and minutes before the game they were told the match would have to be postponed? I remember you were made to read some story to that effect on the BTV English bulletin, and I could see how you struggled with the delivery of the matter after the earlier Setswana bulletin had said something more certain and definite, that the match would go on as the teams had declared their readiness. Yet they later brought you a different story laced with uncertainties on the status of the match. I actually admired the manner in which you presented the matter because evidently, it was confusing even for the leaders who originated the piece. Now you see why it is important for you to also help put this mess to bed? Their chaos put you on the spotlight that night and I am sure you were not happy with what they made you go through. Which is why I suggest you bring back that Sehurutshe guy, perhaps aided by other relevant expert voices, to air the mother of all The Eye programmes where he can put these football blessers and messers through their paces - to grill them live and publicly so that we hear exactly what they want to do with our beloved sport.

I know the current affairs programme as it is right now airs for just half an hour; but I request that you or your director or your producer allocate it two hours this time, where these BFA leadership hopefuls will be given ample time to account for their mess and tell us where they want to take our sport. They should tell us what they are really fighting for; their true intentions and real agenda. And Sehurutshe, in his usual demeanor, should demand from them go papamaletsa Motswana ko lapeng gore totatota gareng ga bone go tsene eng. Gore go batliwa eng se se kanakana mo footbolong ya rona. I know he will ask just that. He will not spare anyone of them. We need someone like him to bring them to book in the most gruesome of ways lest we become the laughing stock of the sporting world. And if you can't get the man at least create such a platform for someone or some other people to get these warring leaders together under one roof where the nation will also get a chance to broil them. Enough is enough of the lies being peddled around under the cover of darkness.

Invite them all those who claim are capable of delivering us from this never- ending embarrassment so that in the public glare of everyone, they tell us what they plan to do. They should swear live on The Eye, even under oath, that they will drive away the corruption, the self-interest, the divisions, the looting, the mismanagement, the fights, the Pull-Him-Down Syndrome and the general gangland and Mafia style of running our sport. It is such a live and public debate between those who aspire to lead us that will aid us see through them before it's too late. I thus beg you Rre Mogomotsi, to start considering when this show can be organized. At the Mass Media Complex you have world class platforms to host such a debate, you won't need to pay for Ditshupo Hall or GICC. Even the amphitheatre can do. The false promises over the years have been aided by these fellows knowing that only a few people get to hear them as they lie their way through to our votes. This time we want the whole world to hear them, so that when we later hold them to account, the world will in turn understand. The Eye has always been about The Truth, Accountability, Integrity and Objectivity. There could be no better way to test the integrity of these guys than to place them under the public eye, itlho le le nchocho.

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