Honour the living now and the dead after

01st September 2016
Ernesto's Briefs


By Ernest Moloi -

Why are we so preoccupied with naming important landmarks after dead people, I wonder? Then again, we have this tendency to double speak.

Our Vision 2016 aspires to the building  a proud and united nation, yet we only honour (posthumously) people with affiliation or association to the ruling party! How be so? Our constitution confers same rights to us all and equitably, but in practice, we are not equal.

Most times, only politicians are honoured. We hardly ever hear of the contribution of our judges, our academicians, our economists, planners, medical practitioners, scientists and innovators, not even our builders, journalists, teachers or farmers to nation building.

We quote politicians; we write about politicians; we attend rallies to hear politicians speak. Goodness me, the politician has become our modern Deity, he has replaced God our creator, to the extent he will even call a meeting on day of fellowship!

So powerful is the politician he can even change a vocabulary to suit his needs. He calls it being politically correct, yet I tell you, if we allow ourselves to get lost in that cesspool, we will fall headlong into the abyss, forsaking in the process our identity and bequeathing our posterity a crisis of identity.

One thing is true, history, can’t be distorted, no matter the amount of cash power or political power, ruling elites wield. It always finds its way out. As we trudge towards our Golden Jubilee, let’s ponder on these thoughts – the values that bind us together as a people; our common heritage; our land and its resources and whether they benefit every Motswana.

You cannot be proud to belong to a family that treats you like an outcast, because it doesn’t recognise your language; your customs or your religion.
Time has certainly come for us to honour every man – living and dead - for his contribution to this nation’s building and not just a certain class of people! Only then can we talk about a united nation.

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