Striking similarities between Khama and Garvey!

19th August 2016
Ernesto's Briefs


By Ernest Moloi -

A gullible people we are. Ever ready to accept everything thrown at us without question! So you suppose this is just another prank, well let’s consider one or two points in this my debut brief.

…As we prepare to celebrate our Golden Jubilee at the end of next month (September 30th) isn’t it an opportune time for us to correct some of the myths and legends we’ve repeated for so long, to the point of truth?

Take for example that famous quote allegedly made by our founding president, Sir Seretse Khama (may his soul rest in peace), that ‘A nation without the knowledge of its past is like a tree without roots’ or a people without the knowledge of their culture is a lost nation or some words to that effect! Why do we attribute this famous Marcus Garvey quote to Sir Seretse Khama?

I have always wondered whether Khama’s speech writers plagiarised, or whether Khama was on the same wavelength with the legendary Jamaican civil rights activist, social campaigner, politician, businessman and journalist when he made that fine speech?

But with the recent brouhaha over the Bots50 logo, I finally stumbled onto the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle that I have been looking for since the early 1990’s when my colleagues dismissed my assertions about Garvey and Botswana’s affinity to Jamaica. Now in the era of information superhighway, the proof of the pudding is certainly in the eating.

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