Sebego, Mantswe and Letshwiti make a strong team!

25th July 2016
From me to you


By Joe-Brown Tlhaselo

Dear Kaboeamodimo

Mr MK, I write to you a happy man this time - just to appreciate your coming on board in relation to my proposal to you in the last letter I wrote to you recently. You made it man. Although it was not in the exact form of my asking, it was even better. That is what BTV should do often, even with those who are vying for national political office. To have allowed your resources to be used so profitably for football is commendable, and I am no longer listening to haters who always say you are a difficult person who does not support other people's progressive initiatives at the Mass Media Complex. I think they just have scores to settle with you and they always want to paint you in bad light when you are just doing the job you are commanded to do. Big ups to you Bra MK for commissioning the session. You should now send some appreciation cards to Letshwiti, Sebego and Mantswe for honouring the invitation to participate.

They are brave men to have agreed to debate in real time on television, something our politicians are scared to do. Even Big Brother has shunned that opportunity to appear live on television for the country's presidential debate prior to the 2014 election. The most recent was when Kgosikgolo also refused to appear live with Mrico ahead of the parliamentary election that sought to replace Mjimaco down south. It is for this reason that we have to appreciate what MacLean, Tebby and Solomon did on Saturday. You see, as I had proposed to you regarding the live debate, I wanted our football clowns to hang themselves in front of everyone. And they did. I think we have now been able to see through each one of them thanks to the platform you accorded the viewers Bra MK. We now have a clearer picture of who they are and what they can offer us before we cast our votes. But I must say, in all honesty, that I was disappointed by their presentations. I was especially interested in the challengers than in the incumbent, because at least the latter's track record as BFA president is a matter of public record. Yet they did very little to convince me that they hold any tangible solutions for our ailing football. I had so believed in everything I imagined about them until I heard them first hand. Maybe other viewers of your television station heard and understood what they really stand for. I did not pick much except for Letshwiti's flamboyance and a cling on development, development and development. I have no problem with his obsession with the word, in fact, I also subscribe to the notion of proper development - but to what extent can one trust he could deliver on that promise when he has not demonstrated that at Magosi, his club? And how many other presidential candidates in the past have leveraged their campaigns on the issue of development and the empowering of regional FAs, yet they failed to deliver once in power? And that includes the incumbent Bra MK, although he blames the constitution for his failures.

Letshwiti needs to try harder and convince the football nation that he is their man. I am not yet converted, because he spent more time invalidating Sebego instead of scoring points on what he has in store for us. And in enumerating Sebego's flaws, he allowed the man to shine as he colourfully defended himself. Sebego actually termed him a liar - live on national television. Because in some instances he said things that were apparently not supported by FACT - something Sebego exploited. I wish for a second edition of the debate Rre Mogomotsi, where Letshwiti will come back with better ammunition than he had on Saturday. It was not his day, but I believe he can articulate himself better given another chance. On the other hand, Mantswe, the nice guy of the three, did not seem sure of where he really stands. All he did was to praise Sebego for a job well done and advocating for an autonomous Premier League. Poor Mantswe - he seems to forget that the voting footballers do not like the nice guys. And football people would not want to have a senior police officer at the helm football people do not like peace and harmony. They thrive in organized chaos, and only those who want credibility in football will vote for him. And I am also tempted to think that talking about premier league autonomy when the cabal there has of late been messing up our football, is not so tactful. No sane person wants to revert to the circus that characterized the latter half of the past football season, and any mention of the league seeking autonomy might be a turn off for those in the know. But I think he is a credible man, even taking time to give credit where it is due, unlike the other one. As for your homeboy Sebego, well, I have always felt that he should quit football politics to allow for his reputation to go unscathed. Things have been getting messy by the day and I have always believed he could do well for himself to just leave before someone even eliminates him. That's just how far our football has gone, people there are capable of lethal harm on one another. I really wanted him to make way for someone else; but not anymore. After the weekend debate, I feel perhaps there is no alternative. And my sentiments and change of heart are helped by the presentations of the challengers themselves. If anything, they did more to push my trust towards the incumbent than to make me see him as the failure they presented him to be. And all along I also saw him as a failure.

I am not so sure anymore. Perhaps with the change of the constitution, we could finally get to unleash the potential in him. Remember he never really functioned because of the cat and dog fights that reigned at Lekidi. While I still believe he failed our expectations over the last four years, I find it very difficult to dispute his excuse that his work was made difficult by those around him who had made a commitment that he fails. Now lets see him without them, although I would also wish the constitution allowed the president to co-opt two additional members so that he could squeeze in both Letshwiti and Mantswe in his team. I think together they could bring magic to our football. That is what I hate about elections. Great minds are pitted against one another instead of bringing them together for a common cause. Picture Mantswe and MacLean as First and Second Vice President with Sebego at the helm we would have a winning team on all fronts. Perhaps this is what these guys could just do agree on a common candidate for presidency while the other two pick other strategic positions in the NEC. Afterall they agree on one thing that Sebego alone cannot be held responsible for the mess in our football. The challengers even give him kudos for making giant strides in the game. What if they disbanded their lobby lieutenants and agree on one strong team to take our football forward? Is it not their undying love for football that is making them contest the presidential election? One man with the legal brains at the helm; having on one side a business guru with the ability to bring corporate trust to the association; and another who exudes credibility, who will also be trusted by government to even ensure no criminal activity finds its way through to our football corridors. I think our football needs the three men working together rather than against each other. Add to that the imminent return of the premier league CEO and you know we have a great football leadership going forward. Just my random thoughts Bra MK, especially after watching the debate. Now you see why I wanted you to stage the debate; it has helped understand our candidates better. Now we will make informed choices. But as I suggested, you could still dedicate this month's last edition of The Eye to another such debate. I need to hear more from the challengers.

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