Age ain't nothing but a number

16th April 2018


By Ms Kels

Openly gay celebrity Somizi, he who once robbed us a million in a Bot50 choreography sham, recently got engaged to a 24-year-old dude. Somizi is 45-years-old. The two have reportedly said that they also want to have a baby. Phew! This is random but I wonder, when gays get married, a go ntshiwa magadi? I guess we will see with Somizi because he never fails to surprise us. It is not the thought of Somgaga getting married that caught my attention but the age difference between the two. And should I add that the young man is a dish: a stud and a half, who would leave many girls panting.

I don’t blame Somizi – I understand that these younger guys are yummy. Akere bananyana ba malatsi a ba ja di corn flakes, mae le di polony… jaanong ba ba tona tona. Gape ba godile ba lebelela bo Emannuelle, therefore ba itse dilonyana, fa a go tshwara o a tsibikela. Just ask these men who date younger girls and they would have a story about their shenanigans. Anyways, social media has been hooked on the Somgaga affair and while some of the couples’ followers appear happy for them; others have taken the ‘hater’ route and claim that the young man is only after Somgaga’s money. Duh!

I can’t imagine anyone who would want to be with a broke person anyways. The dude saw an opportunity and grabbed it. Setswana sa re, ‘fa le go tlhabetse o le aramele’ a tla bona kae bo Dubai? I can bet that there are many people out there who are in relationships because of material comforts. People get into relationships and marriages for for love and others because they are “hungry”. It is give and take, if it works for them, good for them. Different people have their own expectations and wants in an intimate partner. While age matters for other people it is not an issue for others.

There are many couples whose age difference raises eyebrows in the public space even in our own communities. I know whole lotta chicks who are with men who could pass as their uncles, gents dating their aunties and older folk ba ba rubellang bana. The issue of age difference in relationships is topical and everyone has their own views based on their culture, lifestyle and personal values. I for one see no big deal with age but would struggle to date a man more than ten years older than me, just as I would not be with a guy more than four years younger than myself – for ethical reasons because I choose to have a conscience. Besides, I believe that people should be with their contemporaries.

I have however dated both older and younger men and age makes no significant difference: it is psychological. There are certain factors such as maturity, experience and material stability that come into play but people are people, you just go with someone who fits your type, has similar values and who you actually get along. If he or she ticks all the boxes, knock yourself out! At the end of the day it is about compatibility and affection for one another. Look around you, there are many strange and odd couples but if they are happy, who are we to say otherwise? And if one is a fossil and hooks up with a newly hatched chick, let them be...times are tough...They say that success is not sexually transmitted but love doesn’t pay the bills either. And when it comes to issues of the tummy, love suddenly becomes very blind. Khi!

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