This is puso ya bolope- live with it!

16th April 2018
From me to you


By Joe- Brown

Dear SisiBoy

It is with a great sense of pride and accomplishment that I write this brief to you SisiBoy – to congratulate you on finally achieving what you have always set out to consummate. You made it man – you are the President of the Republic of Bechuana! And now all the naysayers have suddenly beat a retreat and are now coiled back into their devilish holes of witchery. Hey, some loudmouths! Only recently were they all over the place squealing and howling foul play on your part, trying to do all they could to pull the presidential rug from under your feet. Now look at you – already up there where you have always felt you belong, while the naysayers scratch the earth and rocks for some more dirt on you, obviously hell bent on ensuring you do not enjoy the fruits of your publicly declared sycophancy.

Now that they failed in their bid to stop you from becoming President, they come up with all manner of claws and clauses intended to topple you and nullify your bliss with some trash talk of seven days what-what! Now that the seven days have elapsed and they realise another plot to plug out the golden spoon from your mouth has failed, they have now turned to your decision to promote your rival Nonofo to the most senior post in cabinet. They call you a coward and a fool to have your sworn enemy work within your radar. Fools! They don’t see the smart move in your decision! They forget the master schemer that you are – that you are endowed with a cunning demeanour that has always worked for you towards your ultimate goal.

Batswana tlhe ba lebala kapele. They even forget that tired cliché of bringing one’s enemy closer. Do they think you don’t know these things? And besides, what wrong has Nono committed? A man practices his democratic right to be chosen to lead his party and somehow people want you to hate him for that? Did they say the same thing about that Ramaphosa guy of South Africa? Isn’t it he also chose his biggest rival during the ANC’s central committee election for the ministerial post in the presidency? It’s a great move actually. If he indeed felt he could play the role of your current position, then he is better placed there to help your operations. It makes sense. But then again, in this world, especially the murky world of politics, you can’t always please everyone. They will always find fault in every good thing you do. Of late they have been casting aspersions on your choice of people you want to work with.

From Phiri to Arone and Ngaka, they just feel you have gone too far in proving that indeed bolope is the way to go. Akere they still remember how you used to brag about you being the incarnation of bolope? So they are now reading such undertones in the recent appointments and redeployments. Go riana everyone is questioning the rapid ascendance of that Phiri guy from being some majesa Commerce teacher to being a DPS to PSP. They question what his real qualifications are, having been everything under the sun - teacher, newsreader, district commissioner and now DPS in your office. Former colleagues at Btv used to label him lelope le letona. They forget some few things, among which is your strict adherence to the cultural dictates of bolope that have also propelled your progression to the high seat. And they missed out on a cue you gave them when you famously and publicly declared your affinity to bolope.

They realise now when it is too late that maybe they should have also complied. Perhaps they never thought you would be President soon. Hence their frustrations at seeing Phiri miles away from their sorry comfort zones having taken advantage of your advice on bootlicking. And don’t worry it’s not your fault. They failed themselves. They failed to bootlick when you had given them the clue to quick ascension. If indeed the Phiri guy is a lelope, then congrats to him he took the hint that the others failed to take. They forget that the guy is a hard worker. They forget that when in 2011 everyone went on strike, the Phiri guy remained the lone ranger reading all news bulletins at Btv. Now they cry when he is working closer to you? They should learn, and learn fast. Some weeks back the Phiri guy was smart enough to publicise his intent to represent the BDP in Palapye. Now look where that has got him.

He will be working close to you and telling you all the secrets about the goings on at the Mass Media Complex and the District Commissioner offices. In any case, why would you waste your time with people who like picketing, who can’t even tell all when you need to spy on public servants? Phiri is your man, and they should live with it. In fact, these people should learn to go with the tide. You have proven to them that it’s not always about qualifications but hard work, bootlicking and results. Otherwise how do they explain that Kwerepe - a former school headmaster with Masters’ degree - now reports to a Diploma teacher at the ministry of Basic Education? You see, that’s another lesson there to take from the Arone case. In your book, a combination of hard-work and loyalty, both laced with streaks of bolope, should win any man a senior government post.

As you have publicly asked before, ga o sa lopele o tlaabo o ikantse eng? People should stop asking why Kwerepe with all those qualities and qualifications, is an assistant minister to his student, Arone. Wena you just wanted a hard working loyalite, just like you. Everyone knows you are a hardworker yourself. A proven workaholic who has never known rest from the day you stepped into politics. And bolope jone kana o ne wa ipoka ka jone. So people must take the cue. I know of teachers who temporarily left their jobs to do Masters Degrees in education and when they came back, they found the younger ones with either diploma or degree heading their subject departments, and they had to take orders from them.

Some got frustrated out of the profession, saying with their Masters Degrees, they were not going to be led, guided and bossed by younger Diploma holders. The luckier quitters found jobs in tertiary institutions where even though their salaries did not change, they still felt comfortable knowing  they won’t be seeing the Diploma holders again, except their students. And that’s just how the world rolls. You did not invent the status quo. Politicians should actually know better. There, in politics, hardwork counts for nothing. It’s about bootlicking and association. I bet you would have replaced Matambo with Ndaba had the latter been in your circle of associates. Kana they don’t know that even Tsogwane was forever by your side, always defending everything about you. They wonder now why he was your chosen VP. Batho ga ba itse dilo ka bontsi.

And they should watch the space - your boy Jojo Lucas is coming. Heish, that boy! Kana ene he took bootlicking to another level, spending a fortune to sponsor the infamous Dubai Camp where money was given out willy-nilly, and he ensured you beat Nono pants down in the BDP elections. After you help him defeat Wynter for the Francistown South constituency next year, he will be setting foot at the office of the president as well. Same with Mabaila! These boys are surely in for the big time. They too are set to epitomise the value of sycophancy and loyalty when you give them plum cabinet posts come 2019. The bitter ones like that frustrated Tati guy should just catch up on the moving train of malope. Trying to indirectly tarnish your name will not work for them.

I mean, what is this thing of him crying wolf about DIS? Who in their right mind would threaten the life of an MP doing his oversight job at Parliament? People are populist alarmists I tell you. They just love attention. Kana mme truth be told, they are angry you didn’t make them ministers, so they are trying to give the impression that you are a failure. They feel you should have dropped Kgosi from that DIS post. Cowards! They should direct their anger at Kgama who employed the guy and deliberately extended his stay to continue serving his interests.

It’s not your fault he is still there. Gape they still have the chance to summon both Kgama and Kgosi to answer for their alleged hand in the NPF money. Why not wait to hit at them there? In fact I wait to see what will happen when these two colossalites sit there in front of the PAC men. It will be the day they prove to be barking dogs that bite as well. Their chance has come, and maybe they will help ease your decision to disassociate with Kgosi after what may transpire from their committee deliberations. My only fear is if the two colossalites decide to throw your name in the mix and you also get to answer for your reported sins. Kana we could lose you as president. Ija. I just hope that for your sake, it does not come to that.

puso You would go down in history as the president that served the shortest time in office, and your detractors would eventually celebrate after they had failed in their first bid to plug you off the presidential seat. I just hope you are clean, spick and span as you claimed recently. Because if you are not it may explain why you are still keeping some of these guys in office, which would authenticate claims that you are only a ceremonial president controlled puppet-style, by the two gentlemen. Which perhaps may also explain why even the newest P10 note does not carry your portrait.

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