Batswana need defensive driving skills

28th July 2016
Ernesto's Briefs


By Ernest Moloi -

I stayed in Botswana for about six years and was driving. One major problem was that most Botswana drivers don’t drive defensively. Drivers’ perception of right of way was not good. Someone drives making a mistake and you think you are on the right way when the police check so you don’t mind even if it will cause an accident?

We must drive defensively. If you see someone overtaking and as  such being in your lane, slow down and if possible switch hazards light and try parking off. Don’t just give lights and come thinking you are on your right of way. Lights don’t stop accidents.

Use your brakes and park off for the bad driver to pass, you will both be safe. Arrogance on the road can kill you whiles humility on the road will get you home safely most times

Michael Asiedu Mintah
Ghana Defensive dri

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