BOPEU insurance scheme covers ‘grey import’ cars

28th March 2017
Sharla Egner Source:The Midweek Sun


By Keikantse Lesemela - Reporter

Insurance companies have not been offering coverage for the grey imports but the New insurance scheme for Botswana Public Employees Union (BOPEU) - Hello Motor - will offer cover for these vehicles.

Hello Motor, which is underwritten by the Botswana Insurance Company (BIC) includes a motor vehicle insurance scheme that comes with a 24-hour emergency road assist and emergency hotel accommodation for BOPEU members.

Launching the product on Saturday, Babereki Insurance Broker, Principal Officer, Sharla Egner said they reviewed their insurance policies and included the insurance cover for the grey import cars to ensure that BOPEU members have peace of mind and all their properties are insured.

“We have realised that people’s properties are always at risk but they are not insured.  Under our new scheme, we have tailor-made insurance products that covers all risks and these includes the grey imports which are currently not covered by the insurance companies,” said Egner.

Babereki investments (PTY) LTD, is a BOPEU owned company, which engages in profitable business enterprises for the benefit of BOPEU members. The company has established various subsidiary companies, as part of their expansion drive to maximise return on investment. One of these subsidiaries is Babereki insurance brokers-the company that drives mainly the insurance products.

Egner urged all BOPEU members to register for the scheme. “We have realised that people do not understand the importance of insurance for their properties. They always go for life cover and leave their properties uninsured. It is important to secure the houses and cars because they are also at risk,” she said.

BOPEU president Masego Mogwera urged members to register for the newly-introduced Hello Motor Insurance scheme as it offers all risks coverage at affordable prices of P17.50 for P30 000 life cover.

“The scheme is tailor-made to suit the member’s pockets. We always ensure that our insurance products are affordable for members and they cover their lives and properties well. We want all our members to subscribe,” said Mogwera.

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