OMY tales a leap of faith in construction

06th February 2017
Botho Mokopotsa Source:The Midweek Sun


By Ononofile Lonkokile - Reporter

For 22-year old Botho Mokopotsa construction made a lot of sense back in 2014 when he formed a company called One Man Journey(OMY) to provide architectural, construction, geological and landscaping services.

Mokopotsa has always had an entrepreneurial mind. He began with a tuck-shop at home in Morwa village. Before he conceptualised OMY he approached Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency for funding on a multi residential plot but was turned down. That did not dampen his spirit. He started One Man Journey with his partner Botho Mokoto to fill the gap in the market for affordable construction.

Mokopotsa has no qualification related to construction but a certificate in law and is currently studying Finance. He says he does not need to have an educational background in construction for his business as he trusts his employees who are all professionals in the construction industry.
OMY employs 60 people some on permanent basis and others on contract.

They currently have 25 construction sites for individuals nationwide, that they are undertaking and said their projects have always been on individual homes as they are their target market. He explained that in the construction industry, one‘s work has to speak for itself and that they get clients from recommendations from past clients because they always strive for perfection.

His major challenge in the construction business is the low profit margins in tenders which do not really make a major difference in their profits. They also offer building maintenance schemes such as silver scheme at P100 monthly as well as offer credit building schemes and credit for unfinished houses. “We want to become a one-stop shop for everything to do with construction we would love to have a hardware store, open branches nationwide and also list in the Botswana Stock Exchange one day” said Mokopotsa.

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