Ozzy Entertainment spreads brand beyond Africa

16th December 2016
Osego Masego Source:The Midweek Sun

Director of Ozzy Entertainment, Osego Maseko - popularly known as Ozzy - says that market, profit and growth are the essential elements needed to boost the entertainment business in Botswana.

He says the local entertainment industry is slow, a factor that motivated the formation of his company in 2013 with a mission ‘to establish strong business networks in the industry and effectively represent a diverse list of events, artists and brands’.

Ozzy immediately hit the ground running managing artists and produced the best out of RnB artist, D-nice who, was nominated for three BOMU awards in 2013 and scooped the best RnB award. In 2015, he worked as a photojournalist for InBusiness Magazine and PRO for A RE BINE Street Jive.

This year, Ozzy Entertainment has sponsored and organised several beauty pageants among them Miss Bright Future, Miss Global International Botswana, first-ever Miss Plus Size Universe Botswana, and Miss Phenomenal, offering particularly video and photography services and in the process opening opportunities for his clients.

The 27-year old who graduated with a Diploma in Adult Education and has complimented his professional background with skills in talent management, events management and film and photography - believes that it takes passion and discipline to enter business and compete effectively. Next year Ozzy Entertainment intends to spread its brand to South Africa, Zambia and Nigeria through collaborations with music stables.

In Zambia, he will collaborate with Ikonic Music and Adaroh ADB while in Nigeria he’ll work with Music Kitchen and with AB Sab in America but originally from Sierra Leone.His advice to young people is that; ‘Patience is a virtue’ and cites himself as the embodiment of this truism: “It took me years to establish relations and build my skills, so willing to wait a bit longer to finally achieve a dream is worth it,” he said.

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