Billy outlines potential job creating sectors

16th December 2016
Buti Billy Source:The Midweek Sun


By Ononofile Lonkokile - Reporter

Member of Parliament for Francistown East Buti Billy has told Parliament that sectors like farming, tourism, arts and sports can benefit locals immensely if taken seriously.

He said farmers must develop new ways and methods of farming and consider agriculture as a business. He cited South Africa as a good example of a country that has made a success out of agriculture. Billy said tourism can also grow the economy and locals should be the ones benefiting from it and it should remain in their hands.

Arts should not just be a form of entertainment but can be used to generate income. He urged the Ministry of Youth Empowerment Sport and Culture Development to have more empowerment in this sector.

On sports, he said other sports code should be considered, the emphasis should not only be on football and netball but all should be given the same attention as they are all important.

He appealed to government to partner with private companies to ensure that sports is developed. Private companies that help sports development must be given tax breaks or reduction in levies as a way of encouragement.

He called for the ironing out of the relationship between civil servants and government and improving of work conditions to ensure that civil servants don’t go into businesses as this could potentially bred corruption and unlawful award of tenders.

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