WUC new App makes payments easier

06th July 2018
Mmetla Masire, WUC CEO Source:The Midweek Sun



Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) last week introduced a new App, dubbed WUCapp, to allow clients to easily access their services and also access available service platforms.

CEO of the Corporation, Mmetla Masire said they have introduced self-service platforms in 2017, to allow their customers full control over the full process so they can pay anytime and anywhere using Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD). 

“We want our customers to find the right gateway for themselves and their businesses,” he explained. Masire said they recognise how important and convenient these platforms are. He said that through the USSD service which is accessed by *186# from cell phones and their website www.wuc.bw, customers are able to check and pay bills, report leakages and pipe burst as well as update their account details.

Masire said that introducing WUCapp meant a lot to then, which unlike *186#, can be accessed through all phones. He clarified that the WUCapp operates on smart phones and would be accessed similarly with apps like Whatsapp. Therefore he said that he expected the app to be utilised. “I am confident that what we are gathering to launch, is a product that fits perfectly with our strategy to be a world class water utility,” said Masire.

Masire also noted that their call volume went up in their contact centre, with customers requesting for customer numbers and contact numbers. He urged customers to understand that these numbers ease their water payment processes. “They are all available in your water statement. The good thing is that once the contract has been used, the website or even the smart phone can remember it the next time a customer needs to do something that relates to their water account,” he explained.

WUC toll-free number is 0800 555 555, which he also encouraged clients to always use through their telephones and cell phones. He acknowledged their strategic partners, First National Bank of Botswana, Barclays Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and Botswana Post which provide online banking, App, website and other payment options simultaneously.

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