Sefalana donates P64 000 to Lesang Bana Care Centre

28th June 2018
Moagi Buzwani Source:The Midweek Sun


By Keikantse Lesemela - Reporter

Sefalana Holdings continues to support small retailers in their social responsibility projects, says Operations Director, Moagi Buzwani.

Through partnership with its banner group stores, Sefalana donated P64 000 to Lesang Bana Care Centre, which will be channelled to school development projects. Sefalana Cash & Carry has been in partnership with its banner group members, Super 7, Super Deal and City Saver Franchise stores over the past 18 years to donate to the needy organisations.

Speaking during the donation ceremony at Lesang Bana Care Centre in Metsimotlhabe last week, Buzwani said they are much aware of the competitiveness that the retail chain outlets have brought into the business fraternity and most of the villages that they now operate in used to be trading grounds of smaller independent traders.

“Despite the challenges that our Franchise Banner Group traders face, they have been bold in their social responsibility stance as demonstrated by their continuous efforts of ploughing back to the communities in which they trade,” said Buzwani.

He explained that smaller independent retailers are the lifeblood of the wholesale business and they have a significant role to play in growing the economy. “I am convinced that by working together as retailers and wholesalers, we will find solutions and improve business for our mutual benefit,” said Buzwani.

Sefalana group currently has over 450 banner group stores operating countrywide.  Buzwani highlighted that Sefalana Cash & Carry will always support the banner group with the equal amount they have raised to donate to the community.

Sefalana Group Marketing Manager, Reginald Klinck told Business Trends that they have been supporting the banner group contributions on rotational basis per region every year and this year they want to roll out the corporate social responsibility contributions in all the regions every year. “We try as much as we can to reach out to all places around the country,” said Klinck.

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