Women talk business over a cup to tea

18th May 2018
Ntombi Setshwaelo Source:The Midweek Sun


By Letty Masunga - Reporter

Women in business have been advised to maintain a firm and strong ground in operating and running their business enterprises. This is a necessary trait for an entrepreneur especially for women who amongst others face challenges that include; intense competition from male counter parts, and cultural norms that tend to constrain full female entrepreneual participation. This was a discussion sparked at the WIBA annual high tea held this past weekend where female stewards gathered to explore the theme; ‘Be empowered and being a rare gem.’ This year’s installment was designed to teach aspiring entrepreneurs about the fundamental skills, attitudes, and discipline it takes to be an entrepreneur, through inspirational stories from accomplished entrepreneurs.

The guest speaker, Batsho Dambe-Groth told those in attendance that endurance goes a long way in achieving goals and reaching targets for any entrepreneur. She added that endurance does not mean that you have to burn yourself out, but rather means setting priorities, making a plan on how you are going to achieve those priorities and sticking to it. “Endure to achieve goals. If you are building your own business, you will have to keep setting and trying to meet higher and higher goals. Be prepared for that and for taking advantage of the occasional ‘plateau’ to draw breath and take stock,” she adds. Founder of Business Kraal, Neo Tlhaselo topped that up to say in enduring the process of becoming a sought after business person, one needs to learn to ignore the negatives at all costs.

“In becoming you, you will have people who will continuously feed you with negative talk, you will go to places full of negativity and negative personal relationships, but it is crucial that one ignores the negative voices,” she emphasised. Ntombi Setshwaelo who has grown to be a success in her own right said with a world full of dualities, it is important to choose wisely. “Work on the woman within, build her up, do right by her in every aspect of the way. If its relationships, job, or business deals, choose those that will enhance a better you,” she says. Thabo Mhlanga, a mentor, coach and personal development strategist amongst others, highlighted that any successful woman is a woman who has first learnt to build the woman within. “A broken woman cannot make it in business, the business world needs a strong, firm and bold beings that do not crack so easily.

Mhlanga also encouraged business women to look at being different as a bonus rather than a demerit. “Choose to stand out rather than fit in, that which stands out is noticeable and most likely to set trends and influence the business market as a whole,” he highlights. WIBA high tea aims to provide value for women’s involvement and excitement, something to look forward to on an annual social calendar. As an association, WIBA had the sole mandate of spearheading the concerns of women in business. To achieve this, WIBA continues to encourage members to interact and to engage in effective forms of networking which brought about various economic initiatives.

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