Ginger brewer prioritises customer satisfaction

18th May 2018
MOVING FAST: High demand excite entreprenuer to increase ginger drink production. Source:The Midweek Sun

Though very new in the market, Imbir Homemade Ginger is already making an impact as its branding and bar coding allows it to be sold in retails stores, something that hinders local products’ entry into the retail market. Kealeboga Moleele of Imbir Homemade Ginger operates from Lenganeng in Tlokweng and tells Business Trends that the feedback that she has received so far in relation to her product is positive. “I started this business in 2017 and the feedback is excellent so far. I appreciate it and I am willing to match the demand. It is actually not how fast you build the house but how firm and strong it is, so I try my level best to be consistent in order to attract my customers,” said Moleele.

She notes that traditional brewed ginger drink has always been made in homes from way back; however, no one is available to provide it to households that may need it on a daily basis. Her regular customers include different individuals, wedding ceremonies, funerals and those who buy direct to the market through distributors once capacity to supply has been built. Moleele explains that her ginger drink is preservative free and she uses ginger, water, sugar and other products to give it its unique taste. Asked what really sets her apart from all other ginger traders in town, she swears she lives by the phrase ‘customer satisfaction’ to make sure that her clients are always happy. “I believe in standing out and investing in customer satisfaction. Therefore my service delivery is what I value before anything. I don’t compromise on quality but sell as a brand,” she said.

She further said that she chose ginger drink business to also embrace culture as it is a traditionally, amazingly refreshing drink enjoyed by both the young and the old. “A regular customer, Peggy Dipheko agreed that the drink is totally refreshing. “It has the right amount of ingredients and it is a thirst quencher that is always enjoyed chilled,” she said. Moleele supply her drinks in a variety of bottles including; 500ml, 1.5l and 2l depending on the order of her customers. Moleele says that she is a firm believer and thankful to God because He is the reason why she has the wisdom for her business that sustains her. She aspires to grow further in this business and employ as many people as possible while distributing her products across the country and beyond borders. She encouraged other business people to be competitive at all times and strive to be the best in their business.

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