Creativity earns Maun youngster additional

13th April 2018
Kebakaone Source:The Midweek Sun

Driven by passion for art and business, the youthful Maun born Kebakaone Tsamaoba has found a business opportunity that continues to represent the town, its name, Proud Maun Rep (PMR0).

Graphic designer by profession, Tsamaloba started using his graphic designing skills while still a student at Limkokwing University to make art creations back in 2011. He believes that Maun has huge potential to sell the country, hence his use of the tourist town’s monuments in his graphics.

According to Tsamaloba, he has long wanted to set up a business but had no funds for the start-up capital. “I planned on teaming up with friends who brushed my idea aside and shunned me,” he explains. It was the same friends who later came back asking for partnership after realising the idea was viable. Tsamaloba incorporates ideas and cultural monuments found in Maun to make designs, which he then prints into T-shirts, shirts, hoodies and caps. “Among other things that I have used to sell and brand Maun is “tswii” – the town’s main staple food.

The Maun youngster adds that he has since opened a clothing boutique in Maun and has a full-time shop assistant. “I intend on expanding the business especially the branded clothing business by opening another boutique here in Gaborone because the demand for our PMR branded clothes in Gaborone continues to grow,” said Tsamaloba. Tsamaloba says that although he has a full-time job, he has learnt that there is a continued need for youngsters in the country to have multiple streams of income. “Youngsters need to learn and master the huge concept of financial literacy too, that way we can be able to make a valuable contribution in the economic growth of our country through own very own established businesses,” he added.

“PMR has been able to maintain growth because I followed the fire burning inside of me. I did not follow what naysayers thought of me and that is what sustained me and helped me to endure. Every youth in Botswana must follow what resonates them,” said Tsamaloba.

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