The antidote for business success

08th March 2018
Neoyaone Poifo Source:The Midweek Sun

Business is a journey, and just like the journey of life, it can be lonely. When growing up, a child needs a parent or guardian who upholds the responsibility of taking their dependent through the journey of life until a point where the parent believes the child is old enough to take care of themselves.

This however, does not mean that the ‘cord’ will be completely cut because life’s struggles will always pull the child back to seek some wisdom and advice.

In the same way, an entrepreneur who has just started off is like a baby that needs constant nursing and nurturing in order to bloom. Starting a business and ensuring that it perform optimally can be very daunting.

There is no manual for success and no easy way of going about it. To succeed as an entrepreneur, you need guidance to combat all the challenges and even loneliness that comes with running a business. That is why having a business mentor is essential. It is an investment that one cannot do without.

Ever heard of the saying ‘knowledge is power’? If you were to build a bridge, you are going to need the right knowledge on how to build that bridge and the kind of material to use. You will also need to have the right qualification and experience for the project to be a success. With those, you will now have power to succeed, and if you have power over something, you can easily control and manipulate it to perform the way you want it to.

As a person you can never have enough knowledge, skills and expertise therefore business mentoring targets your personal development as an entrepreneur, it fosters your career development. Feedback is necessary because that is how you improve.

You can never see yourself as others see you. It is very easy to get stuck in a tedious routine; doing things the same way over and over and this can kill your creativity and innovation because of lack of motivation. It is highly possible that the business you have is exactly the same as the person right next to you. So the question is, what are you doing differently that will make you stand out from the others?

There has to be interactions that can add onto the little wisdom and knowledge you already have. You need to have someone that can address the situations you face as an individual and be developed into a great businessperson that you are. Bob Proctor said having a mentor is almost like getting a pipeline from their mind to your mind where you’re gaining all the wisdom and all the experience that they have acquired over a number of years, in just a short period of time. A special rock goes through pressure and the end result is a diamond, but that diamond can never truly reveal its beauty until it is polished.

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