Ntime on course to building a motorbike factory

02nd March 2018
Aspiring Enterprenuer: Bakang Ntime Source:The Midweek Sun



An engineer in the making, Bakang Ntime, 26, aspires to have a quad bike factory one good day. He is confident that he has done enough research regarding the motor bike and is ready to make as many as possible in the future for his dream business. Ntime’s motto is that ‘business should not always be about profit, but about perfection towards the product’. He subscribes to the slogan, ‘never give up’. Growing up he always had a passion for motorbikes but never had a chance to own one until he decided to do it for himself.

He started in 2012 by picking metals in the yard and designing them to suit the shape of his bikes. Not a single person took him seriously until his motorbike could start and move like a real one. Ntime was spotted with his interesting motorbike at Pick Me up Youth Fair programme, this past Friday in Kopong. He said although his motorbike might not look the best in the eyes of people, it is the best he has so far made from the numerous that he has made before. “It was not easy when I started but, being determined pushed me to strive for excellence. All I can say right now is that I understand a motorbike so well and safety is my number one priority, which is why I am even still researching,” he said.

The young man has decided to enrol with Kgatleng Brigade Centre where he is studying Welding and Fabrications. The idea is to gain more experience on metals so that he can practice higher safety in his work. Although he still has challenges with materials, Ntime is confident that his motorbike workshop will be fully operational one day. His plan is to make standard motorbikes for clients. The idea is to also reduce traffic congestion on the roads.

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