Youngster explores photography as business

14th February 2018
OntlametseMokhwedla, Bob Photography Director Source:The Midweek Sun

Ontlametse Mokhwela of Bob Photography says photography is still a new business in Botswana that he dreams to take to the next level. He believes that though it creates opportunity for business not everyone with a camera will succeed in photography business. The 22-year-old says that photography requires so much passion. “Everyone can do photography but on the other hand, it requires different strategies and different styles to make a photographer unique, while presenting their different work,” he says.

Mokhwela started as a videographer at church in 2012 and soon realised that he was indeed born for photography. He shares that he could even dodge school for his video captures in South Africa. He told Business Trends that he started without a camera or computer, but depended on borrowing from other people until he saved enough for his own equipment to fulfil his mission of being a businessman through photography. His work is impressive and many people are fond of it. Since the establishment of the company in 2015, many have shown support. He has more than 14 000 followers on his facebook page, Bob Photography.

The renowned photographer captures photographs in functions such as; weddings, parties, baby showers, maternity shoots, corporate functions and he also designs business cards, posters and flyers. He is thankful for his church where he used to work for free and sees himself growing. “I want to reach America in three years time just through photography, because it is an art and a business that requires exploring,” said Mokhwela. He has employed a manager at Bob Photography and also has two models that are the face of Bob Photography, while he also often engages people on freelance basis on his projects. Mokhwela says that in order to enhance photography in Botswana, he will from next month have lessons for photographers to help them achieve quality work. He says photography is still new in Botswana and it is best for people to do it right if they want to make a living out of it.

He also does street photo shoot and so far he has done it in Main mall, CBD, Bonnington Farm and Molapo Crossing. He believes that, “if you want to achieve something, do it and don’t wait for anyone to help you with money”. Mokhwela has so far worked with Vee, Jack Botlhoko, Owen Banks, Stone Maplanka and Abed Mogorosi, as well as in national events that include; Orange Tour 2017, GIMC 2017, ST Louise 2017 and BUAN 50th celebrations.

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