Govt. pumps P2bn into road infrastructure

12th February 2018
REPAIRS: Government pours more into roads maintenance Source:The Midweek Sun

Government is planning to invest up to P2 billion in the country’s road network in the upcoming financial year, finance minister, Kenneth Matambo has disclosed. He made the announcement when delivering the 2018/19 budget speech earlier in the week, emphasising that, road infrastructure, which is worth billions of Pula in total value is important for the country’s growth and economic diversification, hence the need for continuous upgrading and maintenance of road assets.

“A well-developed and maintained road network can contribute to efficiency in the distribution of goods and services within and outside the country, which is necessary for maintaining competitiveness of domestic entities in the global market,” said Matambo.

The finance and economic development minister told legislators in a televised speech that, about P1, 5 billion would also be used to maintain the country’s roads. The above funds will be taken from the road levy collections. Some of the roads, which will be funded, include Mogoditshane-Gabane-Mmankgodi-Road, Gaborone-Boatle dualing, Mulambakwena -Tshesebe road, Dibete-Mookane-Machaneng road, among others.

The country’s road sector is among the biggest consumer of government budget, attracting several contractors-big and small. The industry has also attracted controversy ranging from shoddy and incomplete jobs to irregular awarding of tenders by some government officials. Addressing contractors a week ago, transport and communications minister, Kitso Mokaila said they will no longer tolerate contractors who provide shoddy work, since they increase projects cost resulting in cost overruns. Incompetent companies will be barred from doing any future government works, warned the outspoken minister.

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