Buntu taste plans for growth

12th February 2018
Botho Ramomene, Buntu Ginger Director Source:The Midweek Sun

Young businesswoman, Botho Ramomene could not just be idle and rely on the support from her parents while she has cooking and ginger brewing skills. She produces ginger for corporate events, weddings, parties and other social occasions. In an interview with the Business Trends, Ramomene said she started producing ginger last year when she wanted to raise money to pay for her examination fees at Botho College.

“I started this business last year when I needed to pay for my school fees and I was broke. I then realised that I could use my talent to generate money, I then started Buntu Ginger,” she said. In a day she produces about 72 bottles, which she is currently supplying to three shops in Tlokweng. “My production capacity depends on the order. I can produce in large containers for weddings or parties, but these are seasonal occasions,” she said.

One bottle is sold at P7.00. She also produces alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktail drinks for corporate events. For her, starting the business was not difficult. All she needed were ingredients. When she first began she sold her produce in malls and in social gatherings. Currently she has one person working with her. “I want to expand my business and start producing at a large scale to supply large retail shops.

I still need some funds to buy machinery because presently I brew the traditional way operating from home,” she said. Ramomene said the business is doing well as there is always a huge demand for beverages. “In every occassion there is a demand for beverages so I never lack customers.” For bookings she can be contacted at 76056179/74491914.

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