Computer engineer makes fashion accessories to survive

22nd November 2017
Boikhutso Salang Source:The Midweek Sun

Five years after waiting to employed, Crafts Café founder, Boikhutso Salang transformed her hobby into a sustainable business venture. She designs and manufactures handbags, bracelets, neckpieces, peplum belts and other fashion accessories with an African print material. She started the business in 2015. In an interview with Business Trends, Salang, 31, explained that growing up, crafts and sewing were her passion but she never thought it could become her job. She has a degree in Computer Engineering and Software Development.

“I am somebody who likes handiwork, I always look for something I can do, so sewing and designing was my hobby when I was growing up. I never thought it can be my job, so I studied computer engineering and hoped I would find a job in this field,” said Salang. She said with the high unemployment rate in the country she realised that she has to find the means of making money to sustain herself. She started the business with the little money from her pocket as it was not easy to get funding. “I started the business with just P2500. 00.

Although I applied for the Youth Development Fund in 2015 but they never gave me a response so I just started with what I had,” she said.She said the business is doing well and she would not leave it for any job as she is now following her passion. She is currently operating from home in Broadhurst. She uses social media platforms like Facebook to market her products. Prices range from P100 to P300 depending on the product and the sizeAmong the challenges she is limited by lack of machinery as she currently has one sewing machine, “I want to make more products and diversify from just small accessories and make fashionable clothes,” she said.She uses some of the off-cuts from tailors.

“I buy a bag of off-cuts but this is not enough because the pieces are small so it takes a lot of time to join them. If I had enough money, I could buy a lot of fabrics that will enable me to do a lot of products,” said Salang.

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