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22nd November 2017
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By Sun Reporter - Reporter

While storytelling is not the only way to engage people with ideas, it’s certainly a critical part of the recipe. A notion that we all grew up with as children from different parts of Botswana and these stories will go a long way as long as we keep telling and sharing them with the world. From our achievements during the Netball World youth Cup, where we have seen all Batswana, blue, black and white coming together as one to support Dinaletsana, from the impacts of the students who died during the Matsha ordeal, to the celebrations of cities and towns that have lived for over 120 years – to sharing our historic heritage as a people, our country’s stories will always remain best told by our people to the outside world.

Tsena Botswana online through the revolution of technology has embraced the opportunity to pave way for reconnecting our people to their culture and heritage, patriotism; aspects of our lives that were feared to have been dying out with the coming of urbanisation. With more people celebrating where they come from, with hopes that this will light a path to where they are going, Tsena has taken the alley ascertain that Botswana’s stories make a part of the global community through an online platform, a view that former American Human Rights activist and Minister, Malcom X supports with his famous quote that, “Armed with the knowledge of our past, we can, with confidence, charter a course for our future.”

A highlight that it is undeniable is that the future belongs to those who embrace technology and all its innovations. The world has gone digital.Botswana has come a long way since independence and is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. There is a lot that we, as Batswana can be proud to celebrate and share with the rest of the world. Through Tsena, a melting pot of all things Botswana.

A vibrant and innovative medium; relies on local content contributors that focus on community interests, providing limitless opportunities to Batswana as a country’s stories best told by its people. Users are able to keep up with local content as it happens, seek employment under the Jobs section, plan for upcoming events and where to grab a bite to eat, whatever your palate desires.

Other features of the portal include the Business Directory and Property pages that allow users to explore what is on offer in different parts of the country, among others. For a Motswana in the diaspora, this is a remedy for being “home sick” as they are able to keep up with what is happening back home. The rest of the world now has a consolidated information hub where they can go to have a better appreciation of our country and its people. In existence for just over a year now, Tsena.bw is envisioned to morph into a voice of social digital engagement and interaction. Tsena aspires to grow into a premier source of information and interface of community interaction

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