Easy Bumper causes a buzz in the city

03rd November 2017
PIMPED Source:The Midweek Sun

There is a new business in the city that has got everyone talking- Easy Bumper Panel-beating and Spray. The mastermind behind it is Lerala born, Ezakiel Selaelo better known as Moruti. It’s a 24 hours breakdown service that operates from G-West Industrial but is already known across the country. The business covers; panel beating and spray painting, side skit and bumpers, smashing, pimping, repairing, moulding spoilers and bumpers lips to mention a few. It also deals with car interior as well as glazing and polishing and also provides auto mechanic services.

Selaelo started the business in 2013. Before then he’d been working as a mechanic for Inter Links Company in Palapye since 1999. “I dealt with body work at first then later in 2001 I started painting and my work was always appreciated,” explained Moruti. He ended up becoming independent and pimped people’s cars. Currently the Company’s blue BMW, which many believe was pimped in South Africa, is their pride, as everyone wishes to be associated with it.

Easy Bumper Manager, Sadie Abueng said that the business is trending at the moment, as people are interested in beautifying their cars. “We get customers from as far as Maun and if the car can’t move, we tow it from wherever it is to fix it here,” she explained. When it started the business faced many challenges because they used weaker paint, which usually peels off when it gets very hot. They have since switched to quality paint. He says a car has to be painted after every three months and glazed to re-condition it. “Cars should also be kept under the shade to avoid direct sunlight and they should also be washed with soap that has wax to help prolong the paint,” explained Moruti.

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