Modernised agriculture is key to sustainable growth

26th October 2017
RACTOR COMPETION Source:The Midweek Sun

Botswana fully subscribes to the United Nations Aspiration No.1 of Agenda 2063, which envisages a modern and productive African agriculture that uses science, technology, innovation and indigenous knowledge.

Speaking during Sefalana’s Win a Tractor Grand Finale, Boipolelo Khumomatlhare, the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food Security, explained further that the aspiration states that the hand hoe will be banished by 2025 and the sector will be modern, profitable and attractive to the continent’s youth and women.

“This aspiration is consistent with Botswana’s Vision 2036 Pillar on agriculture which states that our country will have a sustainable technology driven and commercially viable agricultural sector,” said Khumomatlhare. According to the Agenda 2063, African countries will be amongst the best performers in global quality of life measures, which will be attained through inclusive growth; job creation, increasing agricultural production, investments in science, technology, research and innovation, youth empowerment and inclusion of basic services including health, nutrition, education, shelter , water and sanitation.

Khumomatlhare said Vision 2036 also calls for development of a disease-free agricultural sector that optimises the use of land, utilisation of technologies and modern farming methods to improve productivity. The vision also encourages development of private sector led value chains in the sector, including production, processing, marketing and distribution. He said that one of the primary constraints to increased productivity and profitability stems from the limited use of modern farming technology, equipment and inputs.

“The use of modern equipment could also make harvests more efficient and help to move produce to the market more quickly and in better condition. Modern agricultural inputs such as seeds, agrochemicals and fertilisers can also reduce losses,” said Khumomatlhare.

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