Motswana furniture manufacturer in Kanye aims high

27th September 2017
Kefentse Baitshoki Source:The Midweek Sun

Kefentse Baitshoki was inspired to start his own company, Baitshoki Investments, and create employment for other youths in Kanye after working as a furniture manufacturer for four years. Baitshoki, 33, told Sun Business that he started the furniture manufacturing company because he wanted to use his skills to meet people’s needs and also create employment. The company specialises in manufacturing couches, slay beds, car seats and upholstery.

He also repairs damaged furniture and car seats. Baitshoki was motivated by his experience gained in working for a furniture manufacturing company. “I was employed as a furniture manufacturer and through the skills and knowledge I acquired I realised that I can also do this business and create employment for other young people and contribute to economic development,” he said.

He acquired business skills through training at Local Enterprise Authority (LEA). “I enrolled in LEA training in 2012 when I was still working with my friend who was also running a business”. He started the business using his own personal savings. “The business required a lot of money to start but I was so determined and could not see lack of funding as an impediment to start, so I used the little money I had to buy the manufacturing equipment,” he said. While still doing business, he applied for Youth Development Fund and was funded to the tune of P100 000.00 to boost the business.

Currently he has five employees. Baitshoki says the business is doing well and the demand for furniture is very high but he is limited by low production capacity. His major clients are the corporate sector and government. “The market demand is very high. The problem is I have little capital which does not allow me to beat my competitors because of less production,” he said. To expand the business Baitshoki said he needs the industrial machines to increase production capacity. “Currently we are using small machines.

The big machines will help us increase the speed of production and will be able to manufacture more furniture,” he said. He is determined to grow the business beyond its current market in order to penetrate the national market. “I see the business being the supplier of other furniture shops countrywide, as our major service is manufacturing. I want to approach CEDA to seek more funding,” said Baitshoki.

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