Bliss Kids Party Décor ready to captivate market

07th September 2017
KIDDIES TIME: Leungo Kgogwane Source:The Midweek Sun

The passion for events and décor has driven Leungo Kgogwane to establish Bliss Kids Party Décor Company, which now serves as a means of income and has created employment for other young people.

The company provides décor services for children’s birthday parties, graduations and other special occasions. Her main targets are parents and children from one year to 14 years. She also provides services to those beyond these ages if requested. In an interview with Sun Business, Kgogwane said she ventured into the business because she saw the market gap and wanted to provide memorable events for children.

“Nowadays parents want to give their children memorable parties but do not have time to plan the event or are not creative enough to organise such a party. “Since I have always been passionate about décor and events set-up and also love kids I decided to start up this business,” she said. She started the business out of her personal savings.

“Because I was so determined to operate this business, I was not limited by the lack of funds, I just started with the little money I had. I started with P6000.00 which was not enough to start a business and I then decided to out-source some services,” said Kgogwane. Among the challenges she faces are that décor changes a lot so she has learnt to be alert all the time and keep pace with trends in and out of the kiddies’ world.

“I am eager to learn new things every day. I have also learnt to be patient and to endure. The business is also seasonal because in winter we have few clients and summer our clientele increases. Since most of our services are needed on weekends we often get between P4000 –P6000 monthly,” she said. She is currently working with two young people. Kgogwane said her plan is to expand the business beyond being exclusively for décor but to embrace the entire kiddies’ entertainment and become the best in the industry.

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