All in One Shoe Care an inspiration for youths

14th August 2017
INSPIRING THE PEERS: Tsabeng's shoe service Source:The Midweek Sun


By Keikantse Lesemela - Reporter

Kitso Tsabeng, 31, who owns a shoe care business is adamant that young people can attract money to themselves if they work hard, become bold and take risks. His company - All in One Shoe Care - is based in Bontleng. He said his services are unique as he is offering pick and drop services which is more convenient for customers around Gaborone. In a week he can get more than 70 customers.

“I get a lot of customers because I am offering a unique service. Nobody is doing it. “I have advertised my business through Facebook and WhatsApp, so customers communicate with me through these platforms and I will go to collect the shoes, fix them and return them free of charge,” he said. His services include general shoe repair, shoe coating, leather jackets cleaning, shoe dying, shoe stretching and shoe reduction.

In an interview with the Business Trends Tsabeng said he started the business in 2009 after graduating as a mechanical engineer from ATTC (now Botswana College of Engineering Technology). He told Business Trends that he had always wanted to do his own business but he was restricted by resources and lack of business skills.

“Before going to school I was working as a shoe repair assistant in Bontleng but I had always wanted to run my business but I did not know what to do and how to start. I gained entrepreneurship skills at school although I was doing mechanical engineering,” he said. He said most of his clients are corporate clients from Main Mall and Fairgrounds office park.

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