Sefalana’s Commercial Motors relocates to Setlhoa

08th August 2017
Sefalana’s mechanised farming products. Source:The Midweek Sun


By Keikantse Lesemela - Reporter

Sefalana Group has announced that it is planning to relocate Commercial Motors to the Setlhoa properties along the A1 road to give it better visibility and exposure to customers because it is currently not doing well in Broadhurst. Sefalana Group Managing Director, Chandra Chauhan said the performance of the company is very much dependent on government tenders placed in the market.

He said the relocation of the showroom would give them better visibility and exposure to customers. “We are exploring the viability of moving the showroom to the A1 road at Setlhoa village which we believe will give our motor division better visibility and exposure,” said Chauhan. The overall contribution recorded under this trading segments which consists of Commercial Motors (Pty) Ltd and Mechanised Farming (Pty) Ltd was significantly lower than the previous year. The segment contributed three percent of both profit and turnover to the group’s financial year ended April 2017 results.

Total profit before tax was P5 million in 2017 declining from P17.9 million recorded last year. “The values of the tenders this year were significantly lower than the prior year. Overall results for the year from this business were disappointing,” said Chauhan. However he said regular income from servicing of vehicles and sale of parts was achieved and continues to grow.

The group is planning to commence construction of series of warehouses in Setlhoa village by the end of 2017. Chauhan said this is likely to include a flagship Sefalana Shopper Store along with a number of strong high street names, which is expected to attract additional fleet to the area. He said the Mechanised Farming recorded satisfactory results as the number of tractors were sold during the year and the product range for farming implements was extended. The company has entered into agreement with Botswana Railways to supply 8 locomotives. “This is however a medium term project that will only generate profits for the company in the forthcoming year,” he said.

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