Struggling poultry farmer diversifies into horticulture

14th June 2017
Motsholoetsi Tlhaloganyo Source:The Midweek Sun


By Keikantse Lesemela - Reporter

A poultry farmer living with disabilities in Mahalapye, Motsholoetsi Tlhaloganyo is passionate about farming and wants to diversify his business to horticulture. In an interview with Business Trends during the Youth Business Expo, Tlhaloganyo explained that he started poultry business through the Youth Development Fund in 2015.

The business is struggling because of the high expenses he incurs on chicken feeds. The business is still operating from home in Mahalapye. The 30 year old started egg production business with 200 layers in 2015 and currently has only 100 chickens.

“ I was funded with P90 000 in 2015 and I managed to buy 200 chickens and all the required equipment, but last year I sold all the chickens because they were old and I bought only 100,” said Tlhaloganyo.

On average he produces 8 dozens of eggs per day and generates between P1500 and P2500 every month. He sells a dozen for P20. Tlhaloganyo spends a lot of money on chicken feeds as their prices are very high locally. “Chicken feeds are very expensive.

I spend more than P2750 for 10 bags. Yes they can last for two to three months but they are very costly because there are other expenses like water and electricity and I can only make P1500 in a month,” he said. He is struggles to repay the loan. He is expected to pay P920 every month but he can only afford P250. “I am struggling to pay back the expected money.

I have requested to pay P250 because that is what I can afford when I have made good sales,” said Tlhaloganyo. He is planning to diversify into horticulture because vegetable production has more yield than poultry. “I studied horticulture production and I was doing it before I started the poultry business. It has more yield than poultry,” he said.

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