BIH, IBM train local programmers

In its drive to promote local technology innovations, Botswana Innovation Hub (BIH) in partnership with International Business Machines (IBM) trained local programmers on the new Bluemix cloud platform that allows users to create new applications. Speaking during the IBM Bluemix workshop on Monday, IBM Client Technical Advisor, Pelani Malangi said Bluemix platform integrates high performance cloud infrastructure.

6th September 2017

Agricultural research vital for food security

16th August 2017

A consultant of the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), Birhanu Teshome says research on agriculture can help improve the declining contribution of agriculture in most African countries and reduce the food import bill. Teshome, who is the former President for Ethiopian Statistical Association told Business Trends that, African countries need to pay more attention to the declining figures on agriculture.

Banking Expo tackles financial inclusion

16th August 2017

A Banking and Wealth Expo scheduled for November 15-18th 2017 at Ditshupo Hall in Gaborone will tackle the nagging question, what is financial inclusion? According to Oabile Mabusa, Chief Executive Officer of Bankers Association Botswana (BAB), who are joint coordinators of the expo with Botswana Institute of Bankers (BIB), financial inclusion does not mean access to loans and credit in the banking sector as most people think.

Sleek Foods wins tender to supply KFC

16th August 2017

Local Company, Sleek Foods has won a tender to supply the multinational franchise, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) with locally produced chakalaka salad. Launching the product on Friday, Sleek Foods Managing Director, Seleka Nkata said her company passed KFC audit in July this year and it now qualifies to supply all the KFC outlets worldwide.

PPC Botswana appoints first Motswana General Manager

16th August 2017

PPC Botswana has announced Tuelo Botlhole as the new General Manager.Botlhole who succeeds Werner Debeer, becomes the company’s first Motswana General Manager. Debeer joined Bokomo in January this year.

Sechaba volumes decline

16th August 2017

Sechaba has released interim results for the half-year ended 30 June 2017. Highlights include a 6.3 percent decline in total volumes compared to prior period. Share of results of associates declined by 22.6 percent to P52.9 million (H1 2016: P68.4 million). Profit after tax was down 13.9 percent to P47.5 million (H1 2016: P55.2 million). Earnings per share were 35.7 thebe (H1 2016: 41.5 thebe). The balance sheet grew 4.3 percent to P565.5 million (2016: P542 million). An interim dividend of 28 thebe per share was declared on 26 July 2017.

All in One Shoe Care an inspiration for youths

14th August 2017

Kitso Tsabeng, 31, who owns a shoe care business is adamant that young people can attract money to themselves if they work hard, become bold and take risks. His company - All in One Shoe Care - is based in Bontleng. He said his services are unique as he is offering pick and drop services which is more convenient for customers around Gaborone. In a week he can get more than 70 customers.

Agriculture Statistics vital for food security

14th August 2017

Agriculture Statistics trainers have been urged to improve the quality of Agriculture Statistics indicators for food security in Africa. Addressing participants during the ongoing workshop, Statistician General Anna Majelantle said there are challenges regarding provision of quality statistics among others being challenges of expertise and skills in specific sector statistics.

Banking sector shows signs of stress

14th August 2017

Economists have expressed a worrying trend in the banking sector coupled with liquidity within the sector, arrears in bank loans which impact on the supply of loanable funds and credit risk. Dr Keith Jefferis and Sethunya Sejoe of Econsult firm expressed with concern in their 2017 second quarter review that there are increasing signs of stress in the banking system, on a number of fronts.

FNB Botswana launches Mogwebi Business Insurance

14th August 2017

First National Bank of Botswana has launched Mogwebi Business Insurance, underwritten by Old Mutual. Mogwebi Business Insurance is suited to all small and medium sized businesses, with special emphasis placed on those in the professional, manufacturing, retail, food and beverage service industry. Mogwebi Business Insurance was developed with the knowledge that every business needs financial protection against business associated risks in order to maintain business continuity.

Tax incentives for SPEDU companies

8th August 2017

The Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Kenneth Matambo has said plans are underway to introduce a specific regional tax incentive through which companies operating in the Selibe Phikwe Economic Diversification Unit (SPEDU) will be granted the Development Approval Orders. Matambo told parliament this week that his ministry together with that of Investment, Trade and Industry, is busy finalising this instrument.

Sefalana’s Commercial Motors relocates to Setlhoa

8th August 2017

Sefalana Group has announced that it is planning to relocate Commercial Motors to the Setlhoa properties along the A1 road to give it better visibility and exposure to customers because it is currently not doing well in Broadhurst. Sefalana Group Managing Director, Chandra Chauhan said the performance of the company is very much dependent on government tenders placed in the market.

LG unveils Multi V5 Air Conditioner

8th August 2017

The new LG Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (LG HVAC Botswana) has brought forth a Multi V 5, VRF air conditioner intended for buildings including office blocks, malls and enormous houses. According to LG HVAC Engineering Manager William Aphane, the air conditioner has fully improved its technological power with ever powerful and reliable yet economical LG’s ultimate inverter compressor and the ocean Black Fin with the most effective corrosion resistant performance and biomimetic technology.

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