Motswana elected JCI Vice President

Kabo Garechaba, a Motswana who is a broad- cast journalist has won elections to become Vice President of international organisation Junior Chamber International (JCI). He was elected during the 2015 JCI world congress in Japan recently, Business Trends has learnt.

The congress was one of the largest gatherings with over 8000 delegates from over 105 countries. Garechaba, 35, becomes the second Motswana since 2005 to be elected to the highest JCIoffice after Joseph Pheto who was elected to the same role 10 years ago. Speaking to Business Trends, Garechaba expressed joy saying it is a great milestone for a young Motswana to be elected to be part of the international board of exectives for such an organisation.

“I am really humbled to have won the position. This would give Botswana an opportunity to be part of the decision making team and we will be able to have first-hand information on what projects are going to be funded by the organisation,” said Garechaba. JCI president is Pascal Dike from Nigeria.
As VP, Garechaba will be overseeing the growth and development of the organisation in several countries including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mauritius, Comoros and Democratic Republic of Congo where he is expected to ensure the national organisations grow and make impact- ful projects in their communities.

He joined the organisation in 2007 upon which he served the organisation in various capacities at local and national levels until becoming national president of JCI Botswana in 2013.

30th November 2015

LLR mulls shopping mall in S/Phikwe

30th November 2015

Property investment company, Letlole La Rona (LLR) is mulling over developing a shopping centre in Selibe Phikwe.Currently LLR has one retail property in Gaborone, which translates to six percent of the company property portfolio.

In the company’s 2015 annual report, LLR Chief Executive, Paul More said a feasibility study has already been undertaken that has confirmed the demand for more retail space in Selibe Phikwe and the targeted development will fill part of the existing gap in the gross let- table space. “The site targeted for development is conveniently located at the heart of the town’s CBD and the envisaged retail development will complement the hotel already situated o the said piece of land,” said More.

Speaking to Business Trends, More said currently they are in the process to publish an expression of interest and get advice on the size and how to construct the property. “Construction processes requires a lot of time as there are lots of processes involved. At the moment we are still processing the expression of interest,” said More. He said they want to start the construction by the first
half of 2016.

For the next financial has identified opportunities that will drive the growth of its property portfolio. More said the company is in the process of negotiating substantial standby facilities with a view to taking full advantage of opportunities as they arise. LLR is also listed company.

Young Batswana enter travel & tours industry

30th November 2015

Travel Agency tour and Safaris Company Agneau African Tours and Safaris (AATAS) is the brainchild of two young men who were driven by passion to start the business venture.Agneau is French for lamb, which trans- lates to the gentle nature that Katlego Raboloko and Koolopile Moalafi associate with their com- pany’s customer service.

The duo established the company in 2013 and its core objective has always been to elevate the country’s travel and tourism to greater heights. It offers among others, travel services for corporate retreats; team building and tailor made tour packages. The company’s motto is ‘experience our experience,’ which Katlego says is relevant in every way as it complements the passion-filled services they’ve given their clientssince 2013.

Another aspect that adds to their company’s growth, is good relationship with their clients, says Raboloko. Recommendations come in handy in their business and they owe their phenomenal growth to this hands-on approach to services. The two men who are in their mid- twenties are different people but when it comes to their business they are on mutual ground.

“The travel and tours industry has a lot of potential for growth as it is aligned to tourism, a sector that will greatly boost the economy, our capital city is grow- ing, we are very excited that it is growing at a time when we are in business as well” MoalafiAATAS is based in Riverwalk next to Business Centre Unit 1, and currently has five workers, but aims to recruit more in future. The duo also envisions expanding their horizons to someday offering flight packages for their clients.

BTCL unveils ultimate communication solution

30th November 2015

Botswana Telecommunication Corporation Limited (BTCL) has introduced a Mobile VSAT product that gives a new meaning to doing business from any location in the country. Speaking at the launch at Mo- kolodi Nature Reserve last week, BTCL Managing Director Paul Taylor said the Mobile VSAT is the ultimate communication solution ideal for businesses in remote, temporary and emergency areas.

A view from the top

30th November 2015

This week Khumo Property Asset Manage- ment will be celebrating ten years of exis- tence and business operations within the property asset management sphere.

Capital Management takes over Flemming

1st January 1970

Capital Management Africa (Pty) Ltd has acquired 100 percent shareholding in Flemming Asset Management Services.
Flemming Asset is an asset management firm, specialising in asset management investment solutions as well as property development acquisition and management.A statement from Competition Authority shows that the 100 percent acquisition of shares in the Flemming Asset has been approved.
“The Authority has unconditionally approved the proposed acquisition of 100 percent issued shares in Flemming Asset Management Botswana through the acquisition of all the issued shares in Robert Flemming Botswana Holdings (Pty) Ltd and Starfish (Pty) Ltd by Capital Management Africa (Pty) Ltd,” reads the statement.

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