Stanbic unveils products for petroleum companies

Stanbic Bank Botswana has specialised banking opportunities for fuelling and energy groups in Botswana, Head of Business Banking Calistas Chijoro has said. He said that there’s need to have a guaranteed credit terms with minimal security to trade alongside giant energy groups for petroleum groups and they have come up with an alternative for fuel companies. Chijoro was speaking at the Boswa Energy Botswana and Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) workshop that was intended to present franchising opportunities for Batswana in the fuel fraternity last week in Gaborone.

21st February 2018

LEA challenged to go into commercial production

21st February 2018

Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry, Vincent Seretse has urged the Local Enterprises Authority (LEA) to utilise the Glen Valley Horticulture farm for both training and commercial production. Speaking on Friday during a visit of the LEA incubation projects, Seretse highlighted that food import bill in the country is very high so local farmers should make sure that they produce food because there is already a demand in the market. “We want to consume the food that is produced locally. Farmers should use this opportunity because there is already a high demand of locally produced food.

Bots, Zim explore business and investment opportunities

21st February 2018

President of the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI), Sifelani Jabangwe says his institution is committed to organising business to business and matchmaking platforms for Zimbabwean companies that do not yet have a presence in Botswana. Jabangwe was extending an invitation to Business Botswana last week during the Botswana-Zimbabwe Business Forum and assuring Botswana companies that Zimbabwe is open for business and are free to come and partner with Zimbabwean enterprises for mutual benefit.

Youths find niche in provision of alternative energy solutions

21st February 2018

Energy Africa Innovation (EAI) is the brainchild of two young innovators, Otsile Pule and Pesalema Morupisi who found a business niche in the country’s un-diversified power generation sources to provide energy solutions for the nation. EAI specialises in selling and installing solar energy solutions including solar geysers, solar panels, air-conditioners, solar borehole powering systems and solar backup systems.

Bots, Zim explore trade opportunities

14th February 2018

Top government officials from Botswana and Zimbabwe as well as captains of industry from both countries this week embarked on a journey that is expected to see the countries taking advantage of trade and investment opportunities that exist between the two. Though Zimbabwe is said to be one of Botswana’s leading trade partners in the region, there has been a decline in trade between the two countries in recent years.

BITC signs MoU with ZimTrade

14th February 2018

Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC) has signed a memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ZimTrade. The MoU is expected to strengthen the relationship between the two parties and the private sectors of both countries. It is also expected to facilitate collaboration and cooperation between both BITC and ZimTrade in matters of common interest. According to the BITC, the MoU will also establish a working arrangement necessary for the implementation of trade relations between public and private sector institutions and operators in sectors to be mutually agreed on with a view to expand trade and economic cooperation between the two countries. The Mou was signed this week by Acting CEO of BITC, Keletsositse Olebile and Acting CEO of ZimTrade Norman Savado.

Premier Clothing awarded ISO certification

14th February 2018

Botswana Bureau of Standards (BOBS) has awarded Premier Clothing (Pty) Ltd Botswana an International Organisation for Standardisation Certification (ISO 9001:2015). Premier Clothing is the leading manufacturer of Work wear, Corporate wear, uniforms and PPE in Botswana. Since its establishment in 1982, Premier Clothing has been supplying Botswana from individual level to the different sectors of the workforce including; ministries, government departments, local district councils, the military, police and mines with high quality uniforms, protective clothing and work wear.

Youngster explores photography as business

14th February 2018

Ontlametse Mokhwela of Bob Photography says photography is still a new business in Botswana that he dreams to take to the next level. He believes that though it creates opportunity for business not everyone with a camera will succeed in photography business. The 22-year-old says that photography requires so much passion. “Everyone can do photography but on the other hand, it requires different strategies and different styles to make a photographer unique, while presenting their different work,” he says.

PPADB fights corruption in procurement

14th February 2018

 Batswana have been called upon to take an active part in fighting corruption in tenders by reporting suspicious conduct. Since December 2017, PPADB has received four tip off reports trough their Tip-off Anonymous Service; all of which are under investigation; Business trends has learnt. The service that was launched last year in July has a proven track record in preventing and fighting corruption. It is currently implemented through a third party, Deloitte. In an interaction with the media on Monday, the Executive Chairperson of PPADB, Bridget John said corruption thrives on secrecy.

Marketing is not advertising

14th February 2018

More often than not, many people confuse marketing for advertising and vice-versa. Every business, small or large, need these departments. While some companies combine the two as one department, others separate them. Marketing is the process of preparing a product for the marketplace, while advertising refers to the process of making a product known to the marketplace. Take heed of these two key words because they differentiate one term from the other; preparing and known. To break it down, to prepare is to make something ready for use or consideration. I will accompany this with a relatable example; before you can eat food, first you have to cook it, and by cooking it you are preparing it for consumption.

Mascom launches modern contact centre

14th February 2018

Mascom has launched a modern contact centre, which provides telecommunications services to local and international customers. The new company named, Direct BPO provides business process management solutions to domestic, regional and international clients across a range of sectors including telecommunications, utilities, government, finance, retail, e-commerce, travel and logistics, health care and other private sector organisation. Direct BPO offers a broad category of services, which include contact centre outsourcing, sales, and retention and back office services.

Matambo projects strong economic recovery

12th February 2018

The country’s economy will accelerate by more than five percent this year, backed by strong recovery of the mining and non-mining sectors, Finance and Economic Development minister, Kenneth Matambo told legislators on Monday. Presenting the 2018/19 budget speech, the finance minister said the country’s growth of 5.3 percent in 2018, will be boosted by global economic recovery which always works in favour of the country’s mining sector, especially diamonds. On the surface, it will seem diamonds’ recovery is being sustained since last year as evidenced by good sales.

Govt. pumps P2bn into road infrastructure

12th February 2018

Government is planning to invest up to P2 billion in the country’s road network in the upcoming financial year, finance minister, Kenneth Matambo has disclosed. He made the announcement when delivering the 2018/19 budget speech earlier in the week, emphasising that, road infrastructure, which is worth billions of Pula in total value is important for the country’s growth and economic diversification, hence the need for continuous upgrading and maintenance of road assets.

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